10 Recent Frameworks for Web Developers

A framework is assumed as a software application which helps for developers in fast designing and developing dynamic websites. Those tools makes more easy and effective the website development process.

In this article we catch up a list of 10 the most fresh frameworks for developers, some are more comples than others and offer more in terms of configuration options, widgets and interface options. Wohever they let you to create awesome things concerning your site. We hope you will discover, which are the best for your needs.

1. Concise

concisecssConcise is built so that you have a lot of options handed to you out of the box. It comes built from the ground-up to be mobile friendly and includes a simple grid system, beautiful typography, and a few other bells and whistles. However, it is also built super lean, with a little over 2,000 thousand lines of CSS, and a few hundred lines of JavaScript. Concise is specifically built to be customized, tinkered with, and hacked.


2. is a free and open source JavaScript platform for building mobile apps and desktop experiences. What makes unique is its JavaScript rendering engine and 3D physics engine that gives developers the power and tools to build native quality apps and animations using pure JavaScript.


3. Ampersand.js

ampersand-jsAmpersand.js is a highly modular, loosely coupled, non-frameworky framework for building advanced JavaScript apps. It’s a well-defined approach to combining a series of intentionally tiny modules. Everything is a CommonJS module. No AMD, UMD, or bundling of any kind is included by default. The clarity, simplicity, and flexibility of CommonJS just won. Clear dependencies, no unnecessary wrapping/indenting, no extra cruft. Just a clearly declared set of dependencies in package.json.


4. OnSenUI

onsenuiOnsen UI is a front-end development framework for PhoneGap/Cordova hybrid apps. It focuses on the creation of usable mobile applications. Also, used with Monaca, it is simple to develop backend features and add device support. Onsen UI is developed using Angular.js and Topcoat. Due to its robust architecture structure for mobile applications, you can take advantage of the powerful features of Angular.js.


5. OnSenUI

archetype-3Archteype is a Compass/Sass framework for creating configurable, composable UI patterns and components. It’s well documented and uses a natural language syntax.


6. Headstart

headstartHeadstart is an easy to use automated front-end setup that gets you up and running in seconds. It uses a folder structure and takes care of all the dependencies you’ll need, and even includes optimizations for all sorts of things, like SVG images and hinting.


7. Kickoff

kickoff-2Kickoff is a lightweight front-end framework for building scalable, responsive websites. It’s built with Sass and Grunt, and released under the MIT License.


8. Tuk Tuk

tuktuk-2Tuktuk is a lightweight object-oriented CSS framework for easily creating responsive and fully extensible websites. It includes layouts up to twelve columns, as well as forms, buttons, tables, typography, and more.


9. Base

baseBase is developed in SASS / LESS, a powerful CSS pre-processor that helps you write cleaner, more organized, well structured CSS that you can easily maintain over time. Base supports all major browsers and legacy browsers such as IE7.


10. Scribe

scribe2Scribe is a rich text editor framework built and open-sourced by The Guardian. It patches for browser inconsistencies and includes sensible defaults.


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