4 Awesome Free WordPress Themes from Anders Norén Portfolio

I just was going around the net to search some fresh WordPress themes for my website and i surprisingly come on to the one guy personal blog, he is Anders Norén from Umeå, Sweden. I was amazed about his quality and creative work and will be respectable to bring out Anders hard toil for Mooxi visitors, that they can know more about his hobbies to do a business with WordPress. Most important, that this guy takes care for the themes all the time and give an helpful support.

Here are 4 absolutely fine WordPress themes, completelly free to use. Big Thanks for Anders and i wish him more perspectives and genuine ideas in his young life!

1. Baskerville

Baskerville-a-wordpress-theme-for-hoarders-2Baskerville is beautiful free Responsive and Retina Ready WordPress theme with some useful features and as mentioned the theme for hoarders. What does it mean? I don’t know, but the masonry style theme are amazing and it is one of the most latest works.

Demo Info/Download

2. Wilson

Wilson-free-blogging-wordpress-theme-2Wilson is very clean WordPress theme perfect for personal sites and blog. The theme also is responsive and very simple to use.

Demo Info/Download

3. Hemingway

Hemingway-free-blogging-wordpress-theme-2Personaly i see a lot of sites around the web promote this theme and i guess it is one of the most popular theme from Ander’s portfolio. Hemingway is a clean, fully Responsive and easy to use WordPress theme for personal blogs.

Demo Info/Download

4. Lingonberry

Lingonberry-free-blogging-wordpress-theme-2Lingonberry is a blogging WordPress theme with a very fine and minimalist design which can be similar to a timeline blogs. If you search something quality and small this theme is perfect for you.

Demo Info/Download

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