5 Best Floral Greeting Card Mockups

When a person sees flowers in everyday life, he gets happy. Flowers are part of nature and that is why their use for party invitations has always been extensive.

Check out the top flowery mockup templates, which are sure to earn you the title of ‘best artistic invitation designer’ from your recipients.

Here are the top 5 best floral greeting card mockups:

1. Free Beautiful Greeting Card Mockup PSD

It is freely available in PSD format. The file consists of pleasant looking flowers with ample spacing to include some lines towards your audience. Notice the diagonal pattern of flowers. These ensure that you have maximum space to write your special message inside the black

You can add poetry, RSVP, address or any inside joke so that your card receiver will smile, when he/she gets the invitation.

2. Floral Greeting Cards/Invitation Mock-Up Set

In this mockup template, the concentration of flowers has been increased. To ensure maximum love for your recipients, you should opt for this mockup template.

It has a unique feminine touch which is closely related with creating a pleasant vibe. The main text is surrounded by flowers, to make your words even more meaningful. This template is especially used for female parties.

Flowers come in multiple sets. To give them any other color, just apply basic filters. Write your special message inside stylish font to make your invitation card unique.

3. Intelligent Invitation/Greeting Card Mock-Up

You might question the self-boasting because of the word implied “intelligent”, but the truth is, this word has been used because the following mockup template has been very carefully made.

Picture a normal document, with headers and footers. This mockup template is just the same, except that the vacant places of headers and footers are replaced by a blissful sequence of flowers.

The upper header is completely filled while only the right mid-section of footer has been occupied by flowers. Considering most people sign the end of cards, you can use the free space to include your signature.

The mockup template can be utilized in all event invitation schemes including birthdays, marriages, bridal showers etc.

4. Awesome Invitation and Greeting Card Template:

These greeting card templates are available in 7 different PSD formats. All of them contain one thing though – awesomeness. People like to use these templates because they are easy to use. Most party events require tons of planning which leaves little room to design invitation cards.

With these mockups readily available to you, you can use different cards for a variety of guests. Use one template for bride’s side and one template for groom’s side. Not only it would be a unique thing, it will also help identify who came from whose side inside the wedding.

All of these mockup templates have an imagery of “happy go lucky” vibe. The whole front side of all templates is colorfully surrounded by particular petals of a flower, leaving delicate room inside the center for text insertion.

The charming design sweeps the recipients off their feet and everyone admires the awe-inspiring creativity of sender. Use them well in your next (formal and informal) party events.

5. Dazzling Invitation and Greeting Card Mock-Ups

This template works best for birthday events. The 100% real PSD made, the quality of this mockup template speaks for itself.

Inside the dazzling comet of flowers, you can a picture, interesting quotes or a funny joke to convey your audience.

Because of its scalability, it is very popular among professional designers. It can be easily edited and you do not need any formal training to handle the sturdy template.

All this mockups of floristic greeting cards are available at


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