50+ Photoshop Icon Design Tutorials

Icons are the very important element in any applications. They are the first door step to a successful application. A good icon must be simple, and beautifully designed. It should convey the message to the user, at first sight. A good icon designer must be aware of what the app is used for. In this post, we have gathered 50+ icon design tutorials to help you master in icon designing. These tutorials are conducted by experts in the design industry.

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Draw a Long Shadow Compass Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Long-Shadow-Compass-IconThis tutorial shows to design a nice simple compass icon in Adobe Photoshop, using tools such as the Pen Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, and Rectangle Tool.

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How to Create a Calendar App Icon in Photoshop

Calendar-App-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create an Icon Set using Adobe Photoshop

Icon-SetThis tutorial describes to design a set of icons in Adobe Photoshop. The symbol collection will need to have a similar qualifications and also theme.

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How to Create a Calender Icon in Photoshop

Calender-Icon View Tutorial

Create an Address Book Icon in Photoshop

Create-an-Address-Book-Icon-in-PhotoshopThis tutorial describes to create an address book icon using Adobe Photoshop.

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How to make Pencil Icon in Photoshop

Pencil-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create a Map Icon Using Adobe Photoshop

How-to-Create-a-Map-Icon-Using-Adobe-Photoshop View Tutorial

How to Create a Playful Business Monster Icon

business-monster-icon View Tutorial

Create a Series of Breakfast Pixel Art Icons in Adobe Photoshop

Breakfast-Pixel-Art-Icons View Tutorial

Make an Animated Pumpkin Icon Using Pixel Art in Adobe Photoshop

Pumpkin-IconThis tutorial describes to create a spooky jack-o-lantern from scratch, rendered entirely in pixels (the building blocks of digital art).

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How To Create Flat Vector Forrst Icon from Scratch

Flat-Vector-Forrst-IconIn this tutorial explains to create the Forrst icon in vector object with Photoshop.

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How to Create Stylish Flat Space Icons in Adobe Photoshop

How-to-Create-Stylish-Flat-Space-Icons-in-Adobe-Photoshop View Tutorial

Create an Awesome Camera Icon in Photoshop

Create-an-awesome-camera-icon-in-Photoshop View Tutorial

Create a Simple Pencil Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Create-a-Simple-Pencil-Icon-in-Adobe-Photoshop View Tutorial

Create a Simple Folder Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Create-a-Simple-Folder-Icon-in-Adobe-Photoshop View Tutorial

How to Create Tasty Social Icons using Photoshop

Social-Icons1 View Tutorial

Create a Long Shadow Flat Icon Photoshop

Long-Shadow-Flat-Icon View Tutorial

Create a Paintbrush Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Create-a-Paintbrush-Icon-in-Adobe-PhotoshopThis tutorial describes to create a simple paintbrush icon in Adobe Photoshop.

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Create a Simple Database Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Simple-Database-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create a Flat Long Shadow Icon In Photoshop

How-To-Create-A-Flat-Long-Shadow-Icon-In-Photoshop1 View Tutorial

Create a Flat IOS 7 App Icon In Photoshop

Create-a-Flat-IOS-7-App-Icon-In-Photoshop View Tutorial

How To Create an OS X Yosemite Style Safari App Icon with Photoshop and Illustrator

OS-X-Yosemite-Style-Safari-App-Icon View Tutorial

Create an Apple Safari Icon in Photoshop

Apple-Safari-IconThis tutorial describes to create a detailed Apple Safari icon in Photoshop.

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How To Create a Vibrant Cloud Icon in Photoshop

Cloud-IconThis Adobe Photoshop tutorial helps to create a colourful and vibrant cloud icon using plenty of gradients and lighting effects to produce a really cool icon perfect for a modern website design or mobile app.

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Create a Simple Address Book Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Simple-Address-Book-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create a Location Map Icon in Photoshop

Location-Map-Icon View Tutorial

How To Create A Grungy And “Sticky” Icon With Photoshop

Grungy-And-Sticky-Icon View Tutorial

Create a Simple Notebook Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Simple-Notebook-Icon View Tutorial

Create a Printer Icon in Adobe Photoshop

Printer-Icon View Tutorial

Radar Icon in Photoshop

Radar-Icon-in-PhotoshopThis Photoshop tutorial helps to create a Mac style radar icon in Photoshop.This may be performed effortlessly within Fireworks in addition to within Illustrator.

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How To Create a Detailed Gauge Icon in Photoshop

Gauge-Icons View Tutorial

Design a Stylish Mail Icon in Photoshop

Mail-Icon View Tutorial

Create a Pixel-Perfect Notebook Icon in Photoshop

Notebook-Icon View Tutorial

Create a Mobile App Icon in Photoshop

Mobile-App-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create Flat Icons in Photoshop

How-to-Create-Flat-Icons-in-Photoshop View Tutorial

Design a Sleek Google+ Icon

Google-Icon View Tutorial

Create Weather Icons in Photoshop

Create-Weather-Icons-in-PhotoshopIn this Photoshop tutorial shows how to create a simple weather icon using Photoshop. Simple but effective this modern icon is easy to create.

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How To Create Icons In Adobe Photoshop CS6

How-To-Create-Icons-In-Adobe-Photoshop-CS6This tutorial shows how to create social media icons with some nice metallic effect in Photoshop CS6.

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Create a Shiny Gold Star Coin in Photoshop

Gold-Star-CoinThis Photoshop Tutorial helps to create a Shiny Gold Coin in Photoshop. Use basic shapes, Layer Styles, Layers Masks and a few Filters to create this cool Gold Coin.

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How To Create A Notes App Icon In Photoshop

Notes-App-IconThis Photoshop Tutorial helps to create a beautiful notes app Icon. using simple shapes, gradients and textures to create this icon.

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Create a Beautifully Designed 3D Starfish Icon

3D-Starfish-IconThis tutorial helps to create a beautiful 3D starfish icon using several applications including Photoshop, Cinema 4D, and ZBrush.

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iOS 7 App Icon Design in Photoshop

Design-in-Photoshop View Tutorial

Create Long Shadow Effects in Photoshop

Long-Shadow-Effects View Tutorial

Create a Vista Error Icon

Vista-Error-Icon View Tutorial

Create An App Icon Using Photoshop

app-icon View Tutorial

Learn How To Make A Camera App Icon In Photoshop

Camera-App-Icon View Tutorial

How to Create A Flat Design Shadow for a Logo or Icon

Logo-or-Icon View Tutorial

RSS Icons with Photoshop

RSS-icons-with-Photoshop View Tutorial

How to Draw a Shopping Bag Icon in Photoshop

Shopping-Bag-IconIn this tutorial will learn how to drawn a red shopping bag icon. That short training covers principle techniques associated with pulling such as making the contour, covering, and also incorporating dark areas.

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iPhone Icon in Photoshop

iPhone-Icon View Tutorial

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