6 Quick and Easy Tips for Enhancing Your Website Design

Does your website have high bounce rate? If yes, perhaps you need to reconsider the design layout of your website. Bounce rate is directly propositional to the percentage of engaged users on a website. The higher the bounce rate, the lower the percentage of user engagement. Usually, high bounce rate is also an indication of poor user experience.

Designing a company’s website can be a challenging task. You have got to take care of user expectations while showcasing what exactly your company does. A website is a great platform to reach out to a wider market and thus, it must connect with your audience.

Since website design is one of the most important factors that determine the user experience on your website, there are certain things that you need to keep into account while designing your website design. Today, in this article, we are going to share some of the best quick and easy tips to help you improve your site’s design and convey the right message to your audience.

1. Bid Adieu to Carousel and Slideshow

The major reason behind the introduction of carousels/slideshow was to offer plenty of information on the homepage. However, the problem with carousels is that a majority of web users don’t stay on the homepage long enough to go through all the important messages you have for them. Moreover, carousels make your website loading speed extremely slow. Therefore, it is always suggested to ditch carousel and only show what’s more important for you and your audience i.e. what exactly your company does.

2. Use Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive navigation is important to make navigation easier for the users. Normally, a primary navigation option is available at the top of the website. Adding a secondary navigation bar in either the sidebar or underneath the primary navigation bar gives your users better idea of your website’s pages and structure.

3. Enhance Usability

You have created the website to solve a particular purpose and thus it is important to enhance its usability. Making your content readable via sensible organization and use of proper formattings like large headlines, good color contrast, white space and bulleted lists help you improve user engagement on your website. Also, use responsive and well-organized layouts that enable easy and quick navigation on different devices and browsers.

4. Use Appropriate Images

Images play an important role in capturing the attention of your audience. You probably have heard this over and again but when it comes to the online world, users tend to scan the information instead of reading it word by word. And allowing them to grab the information through images is a great way to engage them on your website. Also, it is always a bright idea to use your own images instead of stock ones. They apparently look cheesy and make your website no different than your competitor’s site.

5. Add Relevant Web Fonts to Your Website

No matter how good your content is, it’s never going to improve your conversion rate unless it is readable. Making your content human readable is extremely important to not make your users navigate away from your website. Integrating Google web fonts to your corporate style guide is a great way to do so. Google web fonts allow you to overcome the limitation of traditional web fonts and adding custom fonts to your site.

6. Make Use of Whitespace

The concept less is more still applies especially in the online world. You would not want to bombard your users with so many options, content and images on one page. Whitespace is important to break up your webpage while highlighting all the elements you’ve added to your website. In fact, using whitespace in a proper manner gives your website a polished and untidy look. Just like humans, your website also needs space to breathe.

Wrapping up:

Website design can make or break your online business. As humans have the tendency to abandon things that don’t appeal to them, you cannot risk your website’s success by not offering the best user experience you can to your audience. Develop a strategy of designing that includes creating a site that’s appropriate for your users.

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