7 Reasons Why To Choose WordPress For Web Development

At present, WordPress is touted by the majority of people worldwide as the best CMS (aka Content Management System), perfectly suited for developing a website. But unfortunately, there are still some users who feel confused and perplexed when it comes to choosing the right CMS system. Of course with plenty of other great CMS’s out there, picking a suitable one can be challenging for a novice.


In this post, I’ve listed some of the biggest reasons that will make you understand why you should opt the WordPress platform for your next web development project.

1. Setup a Website Quickly Using Pre-built Themes

There are plenty of appealing features that the WordPress platform offers, however, one of the best features is the numerous themes available online. You can choose a free or paid theme and quickly setup a site in WordPress using one-click installation. The best part is that you can find a theme best suited for developing a website for diverse industries.

Remember that old WordPress themes that aren’t compatible with the latest version release. And so, it’s imperative that you keep your theme updated according to the new WordPress version.

2. Supercharge Your Site Functionality Using Plugins

Another most crucial factor that makes WordPress an ideal platform for web development is the broad range of plugins it offers. Whether you want to boost your site’s performance, improve SEO, create a backup and so on, WordPress plugins can help cater all your needs with efficiency.

Put it simply, you can find a plugin to fulfill all your requirements for your web development project. However, make sure to install only relevant and essential plugins on your site or may end up making it cluttered with unnecessary bloat.

3. Make Building Mobile Ready Solutions a Breeze

With mobile devices becoming the main source to access the web, you may lose the opportunity to increase your customer base if your site is not mobile optimized. Besides, you won’t be able to improve your search engine ranking on the Google search engine in case the website isn’t mobile compatible. But thanks to WordPress themes and plugins, you can establish a mobile-ready site in no time.


Just pick a free or premium mobile-friendly WordPress theme from the web, and you can have your mobile website up and running within a matter of few minutes. Also, there are multiple plugins that helps add extra functionalities to optimize a WordPress site or blog for mobile users.

4. Built-in SEO Friendly Features

Now, as you may know, having an SEO optimized site is the essential requirement to get the website rank higher on SERPs. After all, ranking on top search results on Google can play a crucial role in the success and failure of your site. Thanks to WordPress, you don’t have to spend much time in making your WordPress site search engine friendly. That’s because every WordPress install contains built-in SEO features.

Also, you can install SEO plugins to make your site even more search engine friendly. In fact, the majority of WordPress site owners make use of popular plugins such as SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack and many others to boost their site search engine ranking.

5. Monetize Using WordPress Blog

Are you a publisher seeking ways to make money by creating blogs? Well, then WordPress best suit your needs. The platform provides the ability to integrate with affiliate programs to earn extra revenue. Also, you can even utilize the membership plugins that allows users to post content on free and paid basis.


Many online businesses and publishers are already making use of such monetization techniques. Apart from earning money, creating blogs in WordPress also help in expanding your reach to a broad reader base.

6. Increase Social Media Engagement

Social media has become the most effective means of spreading brand awareness among a huge user base. However, to make your presence felt across social media channels, you need to share your content. Or else, you must get more likes on social media accounts. Luckily, WordPress can help boost social media engagement as it allows to create and distribute content and other relevant material (like images, videos, etc.) consistently on social platforms.

Basically, WordPress themes come with social sharing features that help your website content reach to your audience, when visitors get convinced to share it with their social networks.

7. Commendable Support

Lastly, WordPress is backed by a massive community of individuals and developers ready to assist you to resolve your queries (if any) concerning WordPress development. Also, there are plenty of online forums dedicated to WordPress users that you can refer to get the desired answers in the most efficient manner possible.

Wrapping Up

So, hope that the seven reasons covered in this post will help you make an informed decision about selecting the WordPress platform for your web development project. Bear in mind, if you encounter any issue in using the platform, it is better to take the assistance of a WordPress professional.

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