8 Common Web Design Mistakes That Drive Visitors to Quit

Web design has changed significantly over the past 10 years. Some design techniques that were considered the norm in the past are now considered a deadly mistake. As a result of these changes, there are many common design mistakes that some design companies may make if they have not kept up with recent developments. Here are 8 of the most common web design mistakes:

1. No Search Box

Search boxes make everyone’s life easier. Finding information, a product, or a service becomes even easier.

2. Non-Responsive

Many designers forget to make responsive websites… even today! Make sure the website is user-friendly all platforms.

3. Long Forms

Studies have shown that shorter, simpler forms have a significantly higher completion and conversion.

4. Bad Type

Designers often focus on the images and other colorful elements, but gloss over typography. Don’t forget to ensure that your type is readable and ready to consume.

5. Too Much Movement

We like movement. Users like movement. But don’t overdo it! If your page is too busy, then you’ll notice a higher bounce rate, longer load times, and a significant drop in conversions.

6. 404 and Non-Unique 404

Develop your very own unique 404 page. These pages will help lower the bounce rate if you give them clear direction on how to find what they were looking for from there. Always include a link back to the home page.

7. Graphics Overload

Balancing the amount of graphics and text on a web page is an extremely common issue. We need a focal point which guides us to an action quickly and efficiently.

8. Poor Navigation

If the user can’t easily use your site, the site will fail. Navigation is a large part of this. Your menus should be logical, you should include a search bar, and make each page flow to a deeper page. The user should never get lost!

Author: Ryan Gavin from Ignition72

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