8 Most Popular Tips for Graphic Designers

Visual appearance adds life to anything, it can be to presentation, inspiring proverb that you want to place it on wall or sometimes even on textiles. Jargons on t-shirts using graphic design tips make it feel wow!!!

Impressing with visual appearance is all graphic designing about.

You might be seeking for graphic design tips even if you are not a graphic designer. Tips presented here are beneficial for graphic designers to help them know some more add-ons that they can include their design. Even non-designers can fetch lot of knowledge to start up with.

Right composition of colours, fonts and appropriate alignment of images makes a design perfect.

1. Break Text in the Way it can be Read

While breaking the text into different lines ensure that they are placed in a way such that it is easy to be read. Suppose, if a phrase “The idea is not to live forever but to create something that will” is to be written.

Wrong way:

Text arranged in the way as shown above confuses reader while reading.

Instead arrange it in a way as that shown below for feasibility of reading:

2. Choosing Contrast Fonts

Selection of fonts for words used in composition is challenging task faced by a designer. If a title of any brand or place to be visited is chosen where offer on specific brand or travel place and validity is to be specified, colour of the font used for brand name or tourist place should be emphasized in such case.

A fonts having high contrast are suggestible for brand name in that case.

For clear understanding, refer below image. Font colour used for tourist place is highlighted in dark colour dominating with the background. Offer related details are in colour different from that of place name and arranged at top and bottom of place name. Sifonn font for Hawaii and Arial font for rest of the text gave right contrast in this case.

3. For Silhouettes Accelerate Contrast and Decrease Brightness

No matter how many generations we come across silhouettes remain all time favourite in majority of people’s heart. Increasing contrast and reducing brightness adds appearance for silhouettes.

4. Scaling Text Plays Role when any Word is to be Emphasized

In few phrases where in spite of hiding two or three words gives meaningful information scaling text can be used. Hierarchy of fonts used in such phrase counts here.

For instance, in phrase:

Hiding words “you do” and “great” creates a word “whatever” and “make it” it means strike the world by making things possible whatever comes on way. Similarly, when “you do” and “great” are emphasized by keeping font size greater than it signifies an optimistic feel as it generates confident by saying ourselves we are great when we are down to earth. So, changing font size on where you want to emphasize on produces positive vibes from sentences.

5. Consider Issues of Colour in a Image

When colours in an image are not bright enough while considering images of fruits or vegetable sort of things it takes away alluring look from what is to be presented.

The image below does not show original colour of the fruit and is dull.

For increasing brightness it is required to raise saturation of image. Majority of images which include fruits or vegetable sort, are given more saturation to make it appear great.

After increasing saturation image of fruits have lively appearance.

6. While Mixing Images Focus on Consistency

While combining your own images with some other professional images, be careful about consistency. This usually might happen when personnel photos are placed in images bought from stock photo website. While make selection ensure that framing, style, lightning, quality and proportions of image are matching with image you are going to combine with. And another point to be kept in mind is to think for a while selecting whether an image chosen cannot maintain consistency throughout design process and after completing a design.

7. Balance Image and Content

Balance image and content to make it look with clarity. Give space for image to breathe while placing content in it. Placing a text on the region where significant image to be viewed is not disturbed as that shown can work out in such case.

8. In Design Elements Having Transparency Texture is Good Option

In case were text and images both is bold context mixes up with image or background colour, especially in case were monochromatic pictures with content are taken into consideration. Adding transparency can show difference when this is seen. If background is detailed texture for text adds life to an image.


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