Be Trendier than the Trend: Hop to Web Design 2016

Are you an updated designer who is ready to moisten the forehead of your competitor by just giving them a look of your designs. We have seen a lot of changes in 2015 and when it says a lot… I mean literally a lot. From minimalist design to flat designs we have even seen a complete layout makeover to card layout. This is an indication that websites are a greener pasture for business owners which is making them come up with new trends in web design world every now and then.

As we are almost about to enter 2016, I believe it is the best time to embrace the latest trends. In this blog we will discuss some of the most up and coming trends.

1. Videos are now old

For those who are in a dilemma to add a video on their website should not worry as they now have the option of using cinemagraph which is neither a plain image nor a fully functional video. It is a moving image which comprises the best of both of them. They are more expressive than a simple photograph and on the other side, they consume less bandwidth as compared to a video. They are also quite attractive than normal images, adds zing to your website, removes the monotony from your website and increases the user retention for about 15% longer than the regular images.

Creating a cinema graph is not an arduous task as you can create them easily using softwares which offer pixel development such as Photoshop. Further there, are an ample lot of skilled resources available which you can leverage in order to get a professional cinemagraph for your website.

2. Automation in web design saves the non artists

One of the latest advancement in the UX and UI development is the invasiveness of artificial intelligence. They will help in taking decisions based on designs such as the grid, knowledge and content of layouts which are already designed. There are themes which have already embarked on this process, but still a lot is yet to be done in this direction.


Now there will a time where you do not even have to pick up the most suitable design theme, typography, design layout, ancillary imagery and color scheme for your business web site. For those who do not have a knock for web design will be highly benefited from this development.

3. Interactive Storytelling

Doing things differently is a sure shot method of attracting visitors. Thus, people have now used the method of interactive storytelling in order to attract the users. Won’t you get intrigued when on a website which develop softwares out of no where ask you about the number of fishes you want to fry. This is the way which they are using to attract the users and one must sure click the next link so as to find out what it has to offer. You need to narrate a complete story and remember the end of this story needs to be happy and hilarious at the end will help you to get your potential clients converted in your clients.


Every human as a kid or even the grown ups love to listen to stores. A good narration can even help us to imagine ourselves as the protagonist and using these you can carve your niche among the users. Make your website appealing enough to make the audience ask you a question again and again.

Remember all those questions which wander in our brains after listening to a story and even after a happy ending we tend to ask more about it.

This is what you need to do a content marketer, make them crave for more.

4. Evolution in design trends

There are certain trends which have worked earlier and are now embraced as standards in web design. Some of these trends are:


Responsive Web Design: It is now accepted to be a standard in web design and Google has upgraded an algorithm called as Mobileggedon, which discards all the websites which are not mobile friendly. You can also check the your websites mobile friendly status and improve accordingly. As a result of this Responsiveness no longer remains a luxury for you rather it becomes one the prime requisites of a website.

No clicking only Scrolling: for touch based devices clicking was nothing but a hassle, therefore this trend of no clicking and only scrolling was arrived with the advent of mobile phones. With this the all the user needs to do is to scroll down and down without clicking anywhere.

Parallax design: This design trend makes single page websites and also adheres to mobile first rule of scrolling. Websites in with parallax the background elements move quite slowly as compared with the foreground ones. This creates a visual illusion.

This is an exciting new trend which helps the developers too come up with sometime new if it suits them.

Moreover, if you think that you need to adopt all these trends, then you need to check all the positive impacts you have on your site. They will surely help you to gain some or the other business benefit.

5. Make an interface for all

One of the biggest advancement in the web development trend is the advent of smart devices such as smartwatches. Moreover, it is not only Google or Apple who have made an advancement towards this but there are big brands such as Polo, Sony and Nike who have landed into the web development world.

Wearables have not only entered the market but are gradually becoming a heartthrob of people as they are embraced by a lot of people. This is why developers need to perch their creative genius in order to deliver the best possible user interfaces, which can render optimal user experience even in a scanty space such as smart watch.

Bare Bones

As per a digital optimization survey conducted by Adobe, 44% of the firms invest an amount of 5% in their optimization. User testing is another major requirement in web development and is certainly here to grow. Talking about firms, they are also investing a lot in testing and have also expanded the scale of their testing. Testing helps you to check whether the designs one has adopted works on all device types or not.

There are a lot of testing tools which can help you to record various sessions on the mobile. This trend is a must to check that whether all the aforementioned trends do work well or not.

Wherefore, we have seen a considerable amount of growth in the in-app usability platforms.

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