10 Best Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builders

With such a huge user base, WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS. Some of us don’t know how to code and don’t have the time or resources to learn the skill. But we still want the ability to create a quality website from start to finish, without the need to hire a sub-contractor web developer.

Luckily WordPress have a lot of drag & drop theme builders on the net, who can be easily used for many of us, even if you don’t know any skills about how to build a WordPress site.

So lets examine some of the most successful drag and drop theme builders out there.


Headway probably has the easiest user interface of all the drag and drop builders we’ve looked at.

With Headway, you start out with the grid, and you start drawing on it. You simply draw out the blocks and then select which one to display.

Headway Blocks remove the limitations of traditional web site design and layout even more. With 8 standard Block types to pick from and a slew of 3rd party Blocks, Headway gives you the tools you need to build your site to meet your’s and your audiences’ needs. From header, navigation, content to a footer. With the exclusive Block System, just draw in your Blocks where you want.

And let’s not forget about the Custom Code Block which gives you the ability to use plain text, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress Shortcodes without having to guess where to put it. Just place your code in the Custom Code Block, Save and you can see it transform right on your screen.

You also have a layout selector within Headway. With the Headway Layout Selector, you can create unique, specific page layouts for each and every class of pages or even for individual pages. Headway lifts the barriers you have with other themes and frameworks and gives you the ability to have the site you want, right down to the individual pages or posts.

Want a different layout for your home page, about page or any other page? You can do that with the Layout Selector. Want the main blog page to be different than the single post page, no problem with the Headway Layout Selector.

In a nutshell, you can edit all single item pages or you can edit a specific page or even a specific blog post.

Once you’ve got your Blocks laid out, you can use the Headway design editor to set the visual appearance of your blocks and other elements. The totally redesigned Visual Editor makes it possible to drill down to any element on the page to style it a number of ways:

  • Fonts
  • Text, border and background colors
  • Rounded corners
  • Border styles
  • Background images
  • Line height and letter spacing
  • Text and box shadows
  • Styles for various states of hyperlinks (hover, clicked on, etc.)

Price: $59 to $199

Get Headway Theme Builder

MotoPress Content Editor for WordPress

MotoPress offers easy to use front-end and backend editing. The plugin adds a “MotoPress Content Editor” button to the Page Editor so you can easily switch between front-end and backend editing.

Features include support for custom post types, WPML compatibility, extend with your own shortcodes and built-in elements like sliders and galleries for complex layouts.

Price: $29 to $139/Year

Get MotoPress Content Editor


VelocityPage is just pretty awesome. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for. Editing a VelocityPage page is like editing a word document. Just click and drag to interact with elements on the page. Instead of having to use a blank template, you can freely create the page you want.

VelocityPage pages are mobile ready, so they’ll look great on phones and tablets. VelocityPage works well with sales pages, webinar pages, contact pages, product launch pages, and unique “about us” pages too.

If the price is doable, VelocityPage is one of the best options for a drag-and-drop editor.

Price: $97 to $247

Get VelocityPage Theme Builder

Themify Builder

The Themify drag & drop Builder for WordPress helps you build any page layouts with a live, frontend preview. Layouts are completely responsive, and what you see is what you get. It works on desktop, tablet, and mobile. Themify Builder comes with any Themify theme, or purchase the plugin to use it with any WordPress theme!

Price: $79 to $139

Get Themify Builder

Divi 2.0

Divi 2.0 is one of those themes that can be used for almost anything. (By the way, the price below includes the entire theme selection at Elegant Themes.)

Divi 2.0 comes with what’s called the “Divi builder,” a drag-and-drop site designer. It ships with 18 predesigned layouts, but should none of those work with you, you can create a website out of Divi’s massive selection of modules (such as sliders, testimonials, and blurbs).

Divi 2.0 also works with WooCommerce. This, combined with the Testimonials and the Counters modules can be used to create a completely customized and beautiful site.

Price: $69

Get Divi 2.0

WPZoom: Zoom Builder

You can build your WordPress website layout much easier, becouse WPZoom launches ZOOM Builder a drag and drop layout builder.

Once ZOOM Builder plugin is activated on your website, it will bring a lot of customization options to your website. You can easily create the layout like you want with easy steps, just drag and drop the content where you have wish.

We have a Review about Zoom Builder.

Price: $59 to $159

Get a Zoom Builder

Fast Line Page Builder

The FastLine Page builder is a stand-alone plugin that works with almost any theme. It has a simple yet powerful set of content modules that are 100% responsive. Every module was designed to be easy to configure, but not too simple that it feels restrictive. The FastLine Page Builder includes all the standard modules one would need to build a page (text, images, headings, icons, etc). It also features several advanced modules like a content slider, photo slideshow, contact form, and accordion.

Along with their powerful builder interface and option set, the FastLine Page Builder also features 14 pre-built layouts. These beautiful layouts make a great starting point when building new pages. Load one of them into a blank page, then start swapping out text and images with your content; It couldn’t be easier! There are several pre-built homepage layouts, as well as layouts for FAQ, contact, team, and portfolio pages.

Price: $19 to $99

Get Fastline Page Builder

Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

Visual Composer is a popular plugin included with many themes for sale at Themeforest. It offers a fluid front-end editing experience without a learning curve so you can quickly create responsive page layouts.

Features include 40+ content elements out-of-the box for complex layouts, a built-in “skin builder” for colors.

Price: $30

Get Visual Composer Page Builder

Live Composer – Front-End WordPress Page Builder

Live Composer offers a fluid front-end editing experience using modules you can drag-and-drop from a pane at the bottom of the page.

Easily add images and galleries, style your text and other elements, add new rows and create columns for your layouts.

Price: $25

Get Live Composer Page Builder

Intense – Powerful WordPress Site Builder

Intense includes a vast list of 94 shortcodes (see the complete list near the bottom of this page) and 17 custom post types (FAQ, Portfolio, Project, News, Coupons, Snippets, Templates, and many more).

Intense is built on Twitter Bootstrap. It includes parallax content sections with images. Many image hover effect options with Adipoli and Effeckts CSS. Filter blog, and 15 other custom post types with transition effects using MixItUp.

Price: $26

Get Intense Page Builder

If i miss something in this list, do not hesitate to write a comment and introduce your known page builder and Thanks for sharing this post with your friends 🙂

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