150+ Best Smartphone Mockup PSD Templates for Your Design

A Mock-up design is used to showcase the design and style in the meaningful way. In other words Mock-up is a presentation of your digital products with a style. A lot of different Mock-ups you can found online, but we are going to select the best Smartphone Mock-up designs. You will find here Samsung phone, HTC phone, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, BlackBerry, OnePlus and other phone Moch-ups.

In this collection doesn’t include iPhone Mock-ups as we had a huge post on the iPhone made recently you can see it here.

If you receive any hint regarding this collection of smartphone mock-ups, please let us know. We will update this post as we receive new resources so please follow us to fetch the updates.


Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung-Galaxy-S5 Download

Free Vector Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup

Free-Vector-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Mockup Download

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockup PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Mockup-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mockups

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Mockups Download

Samsung Galaxy S5 Flat Mockup

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Flat-Mockup Download

Samsung Galaxy S4 Flat Mockup

Samsung-Galaxy-S4-Flat-Mockup Download

Free Galaxy S4 PSD Templates

Free-Galaxy-S4-PSD-Templates Download

Flat Galaxy S4 3D Mockup PSD

Flat-Galaxy-S4-3D-Mockup-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy SIII mini Free psd

Samsung-Galaxy-SIII-mini-Free-psd Download

Samsung S3

Samsung-S3 Download

Galaxy S3 White Mockup PSD

Galaxy-S3-White-Mockup-PSD Download

Galaxy S III White & Black PSD Template

Galaxy-S-III-White-Black-PSD-Template Download

Samsung Galaxy S2 White Mockup

Samsung-Galaxy-S2-White-Mockup Download

Galaxy S2 psd mockup

Galaxy-S2-psd-mockup Download

Samsung Galaxy S2 PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-S2-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 psd

Samsung-Galaxy-S-Duos-2-psd Download

Samsung Nexus Z PSD

Samsung-Nexus-Z-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy Nexus PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-Nexus-PSD Download

Galaxy Nexus psd

Galaxy-Nexus-psd Download

Galaxy Note II PSD

Galaxy-Note-II-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy Note II Blue [psd]

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-II-Blue-psd Download

Galaxy Note III PSD

Galaxy-Note-III-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy Note ATT white [psd]

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-ATT-white-psd Download

Samsung Galaxy Note PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo psd

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Neo-psd Download

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 psd

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-8.0-psd Download

Samsung Note 3 psd

Samsung-Note-3-psd Download

Flat mockup Samsung note III

Flat-mockup-Samsung-note-III Download

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Vector PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-3-Vector-PSD Download

Samsung Galaxy Mega PSD

Samsung-Galaxy-Mega-PSD Download


Htc One Flat PSD

Htc-One-Flat-PSD Download

Free HTC ONE M8 Mock Up Template

Free-HTC-ONE-M8-Mock-Up-Template Download

HTC One Flat Mockup

HTC-One-Flat-Mockup Download

Vector HTC One PSD Download

Vector-HTC-One-PSD-Download Download

Flat HTC One 3D Mockup FREEBIE

Flat-HTC-One-3D-Mockup-FREEBIE Download

Free HTC One mockup

Free-HTC-One-mockup Download



HTC One Mini PSD

HTC-One-Mini-PSD Download

HTC One Mini PSD

1-HTC-One-Mini-PSD1 Download

HTC One 2 PSD Mockup

HTC-One-2-PSD-Mockup Download


1-HTC-One-PSD Download


HTC-One-X-PSD Download

HTC Nebula PSD

HTC-Nebula-PSD Download

HTC Nexus One PSD

HTC-Nexus-One-PSD Download


HTC-HD3-PSD Download

HTC Desire PSD

HTC-Desire-PSD Download

Htc 8s free psd

Htc-8s-free-psd Download

HTC One 2013 PSD mockup

HTC-One-2013-PSD-mockup Download

Flat HTC One 3D Mockup

Flat-HTC-One-3D-Mockup Download


HTC-Titan-PSD Download

HTC One X psd

1-HTC-One-X-psd Download

HTC One white PSD

1-HTC-One-white-PSD Download

HTC One Free Mockup

HTC-One-Free-Mockup Download

HTC One – Black Edition

HTC-One-Black-Edition Download

HTC One [M7] Slant PSD

HTC-One-M7-Slant-PSD Download

HTC One X Free PSD Template

HTC-One-X-Free-PSD-Template Download

Flat HTC 8X Free PSD

Flat-HTC-8X-Free-PSD Download


Free Nexus 5 Vector Mockup

Free-Nexus-5-Vector-Mockup Download

Nexus 5 flat mock-up

Nexus-5-flat-mock-up Download

Nexus 5 Mockup PSD

Nexus-5-Mockup-PSD Download

Nexus 5 PSD MockUp

Nexus-5-PSD-MockUp1 Download

Nexus 5 Mockup PSD Download

Nexus-5-Mockup-PSD-Download Download

Nexus 5 PSD Templates

Nexus-5-PSD-Templates Download

Google Nexus 5 PSD

Google-Nexus-5-PSD Download

Google Nexus 5 Mockup PSD

Google-Nexus-5-Mockup-PSD Download

Nexus 5 Template

Nexus-5-Template Download

Nexus 5 Product Mockups for Photoshop (PSDs)

Nexus-5-Product-Mockups-for-Photoshop-PSDs Download

Nexus 5 Sketch 3 Template

Nexus-5-Sketch-3-Template Download

Nexus 5 PSD

Nexus-5-PSD Download

Nexus 5 Inception PSD

Nexus-5-Inception-PSD Download

Nexus 5 in hand template

Nexus-5-in-hand-template Download

Nexus 5 skewed perspective template

Nexus-5-skewed-perspective-template Download

Free Nexus 5 PSD for Wireframing

Free-Nexus-5-PSD-for-Wireframing Download

Nexus 5 Grid

Nexus-5-Grid Download

Nexus 5 Mockup psd

1-Nexus-5-Mockup-psd Download

Nexus 5 Mockup Sketch

Nexus-5-Mockup-Sketch Download

Flat Nexus 5 3D Mockup

Flat-Nexus-5-3D-Mockup Download

Nexus 5 Vector PSD

Nexus-5-Vector-PSD Download

Nexus 5 Template

Nexus-5-Template1 Download

Nexus 5 PSD [TILTED]

Nexus-5-PSD-TILTED Download

Google Nexus 5 Screen Mock up

Google-Nexus-5-Screen-Mock-up Download

Free Google Nexus 5 Vector Mockup (Ai & EPS)

Free-Google-Nexus-5-Vector-Mockup-Ai-EPS Download

Free Nexus 5 PSD

Free-Nexus-5-PSD Download

Nexus 5 Vector (.Ai)

Nexus-5-Vector-.Ai_ Download

Nexus 5 Sketch template

Nexus-5-Sketch-template Download

Flat Nexus 4 Phone

Flat-Nexus-4-Phone Download

Google Nexus 4 Vector Mock-Up

Google-Nexus-4-Vector-Mock-Up Download

Nexus 4 Blueprint

Nexus-4-Blueprint Download

Free Nexus 4 PSD

Free-Nexus-4-PSD Download

Nexus 4 PSD

Nexus-4-PSD Download

Nexus 4 Fullscreen PSD

Nexus-4-Fullscreen-PSD Download

Google Nexus One PSD

Google-Nexus-One-PSD Download

LG G3 Minimal PSD

LG-G3-Minimal-PSD Download

LG G2 Vector PSD

LG-G2-Vector-PSD Download

LG Optimus G2 PSD

LG-Optimus-G2-PSD Download

LG G2x

LG-G2x1 Download

LG G Pad 8.0 psd

LG-G-Pad-8.0-psd Download

LG G Pad 8.3 psd

LG-G-Pad-8.3-psd Download


Sony Xperia S Template

Sony-Xperia-S-Template Download

Sony Xperia ZU Template

Sony-Xperia-ZU-Template Download

Sony Xperia T

Sony-Xperia-T Download

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Mockup PSD

Sony-Xperia-Z-Ultra-Mockup-PSD Download

Sony Xperia V

Sony-Xperia-V Download

Sony Xperia S PSD

Sony-Xperia-S-PSD Download

Free Xperia-Z PSD Mock-up

Free-Xperia-Z-PSD-Mock-up Download


Moto X PSD (White)

Moto-X-PSD-White Download

Motorola Moto G PSD

Motorola-Moto-G-PSD Download

Moto X PSD

Moto-X-PSD Download

Moto X Vector PSD

Moto-X-Vector-PSD Download

Moto X PSD

Moto-X-PSD1 Download

Motorola Neon PSD

Motorola-Neon-PSD Download

Moto X Black

Moto-X-Black Download


A simple Lumia 1020 psd

A-simple-Lumia-1020-psd Download

Flat NOKIA Lumia 920 3D MockUp

Flat-NOKIA-Lumia-920-3D-MockUp Download

Free Nokia Lumia 920 psd

Free-Nokia-Lumia-920-psd Download

Lumia 930 Mockup

Lumia-930-Mockup1 Download

Lumia Mockup

Lumia-Mockup Download

Nokia Lumia 900 PSD

Nokia-Lumia-900-PSD Download

Nokia Lumia 800 PSD

Nokia-Lumia-800-PSD Download

Nokia Lumia 900 psd

Nokia-Lumia-900-PSD1 Download

Nokia Lumia 920 Mockup psd

Nokia-Lumia-920-Mockup-psd Download

Flat Lumia 920 Mockup psd

Flat-Lumia-920-Mockup-psd Download

Lumia 800 mockup template

Lumia-800-mockup-template Download

Lumia 920 free psd

Lumia-920-free-psd Download

Lumia 820 Mock-Up

1-Lumia-820-Mock-Up Download

Nokia Lumia 920 – Vector Resource

Nokia-Lumia-920-Vector-Resource Download

Lumia 920 yellow

lumia-920-yellow Download

Nokia X PSD

Nokia-X-PSD Download

Nokia X Mockup PSD

Nokia-X-Mockup-PSD Download

Nokia X Free vector mockups

Nokia-X-Free-vector-mockups Download

Nokia N9 PSD

Nokia-N9-PSD Download

Nokia N9 psd

Nokia-N9-psd1 Download


BlackBerry Z10 Flat MockUp

BlackBerry-Z10-Flat-MockUp Download

BlackBerry Z10 PSD

BlackBerry-Z10-PSD Download

BlackBerry Z10 Flat Mockup

BlackBerry-Z10-Flat-Mockup1 Download


OnePlus One Mockup PSD

OnePlus-One-Mockup-PSD1 Download

OnePlus One Mockup PSD

OnePlus-One-Mockup-PSD2 Download

One Plus

One-Plus Download


Amazon Fire Phone Flat Mockup

Amazon-Fire-Phone-Flat-Mockup1 Download

Windows Phone App Mockup psd

Windows-Phone-App-Mockup-psd Download

Windows Phone 7 PSD

Windows-Phone-7-PSD Download

Android Devices Mockup

Android-Devices-Mockup Download

Xiaomi Mi2 psd mockup

Xiaomi-Mi2-psd-mockup Download

Flat 3d mockup kit

Flat-3d-mockup-kit1 Download


Mi3PSD Download

Windows Phone Flat Mockup

Windows-Phone-Flat-Mockup Download

HTC One and Galaxy S4 Mockup PSD

HTC-One-and-Galaxy-S4-Mockup-PSD Download

Android devices mockups (Nexus, LG, Galaxy)

Android-devices-mockups-Nexus-LG-Galaxy1 Download

Free Android Phone Mock-up

Free-Android-Phone-Mock-up Download

Flat Phones

Flat-Phones Download

Mobile Flagships with PSD

Mobile-Flagships-with-PSD Download

Iphone / BlackBerry

Iphone-BlackBerry Download

Huawei Ascend P1 psd

Huawei-Ascend-P1-psd Download


Smartphones Download

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