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Evolution of WordPress Trends in 2018

The new year is almost upon us and being the WordPress zealots that we are, biting into the newest trends for 2018 is a must. These trends are in a close alignment with the past year’s trends which ruled the WordPress realm. Some of these trends were the rise

PROS and CONS of Using WordPress Multisite

Since version 3.0 WordPress includes the feature to be turned into a multisite network. It can hold as many separate sites with their own WordPress dashboards as you need. They all use the same WordPress installation, the same database, and the same main folder. This kind of setup offers

8 Most Popular Tips for Graphic Designers

Visual appearance adds life to anything, it can be to presentation, inspiring proverb that you want to place it on wall or sometimes even on textiles. Jargons on t-shirts using graphic design tips make it feel wow!!! Impressing with visual appearance is all graphic designing about. You might be

Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends

All you have to do is look at the facts and you will see that the social networks have been able to pick up about a billion users just in the last five years alone. Over a third of the population of the world is now easily accessible through