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7 Reasons Why To Choose WordPress For Web Development

At present, WordPress is touted by the majority of people worldwide as the best CMS (aka Content Management System), perfectly suited for developing a website. But unfortunately, there are still some users who feel confused and perplexed when it comes to choosing the right CMS system. Of course with

The Power of HTML5 in Web and Mobile World

In order to keep your clients and potential customers focused on your products and services, it is vital to make the information easily and quickly accessible from anywhere and at anytime. In this mobile era, there are several technologies available out there that support the development of outstanding mobile

Essentials Every Web Designer Need to Know

Web designing can really be hard sometimes even for experienced website developers as it involves developing professionally sound websites with outstanding designs that is both usable and pleasing to deliver information and to build a brand. So, here I’ve put together few designing principles for developing a good website.

Web Development Pitfalls Novice Developers Must Avoid

Today’s up-and-coming web developers have several options available to them, which helps in making web development tasks a lot easier. So, most (if not all) of the developers presume to have all the prerequisites that helps them to build a winning solution. But in reality, tools alone can’t help