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What is Bootstrap WordPress Theme: All Features

If you are using one of the top social networks twitter and you are a WordPress bloggers probably you would heard about Twitter Bootstrap or simply Bootstrap, but you still don’t have any clear definition for it. Well if you don’t know what twitter bootstrap is, it’s a great

8 New Features for Your WordPress Site

16 of april WordPress released their latest interface, WordPress 3.9 or ‘Smith’ in honor of late great Jazz musician Jimmy Smith. The latest update to the WordPress interface sees the introduction of some great new features along with some old favorites getting much needed updates. 1. Live Widget and

30+ Latest Adobe Illustrator Tutorials From 2014

Adobe illustrator is the best and most used application for vector based graphic design. By using Illustrator you need to expand and improve your skills all time to get the most out of illustrator. This is my first tutorial in this kind of theme, to give you an inspiration

Top 5: Free WordPress Themes Providers

I am sure, you know very well where to become a great quality freebies, but is a lot of people who know very little, so i want to bring out the top 5 list of the best free WordPress themes providers, who are working diligently to give you the