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10 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Depending on the type of your blog, there are various features and functionalities you might need. If you run a photography blog the chances are high you’ll need a good gallery plugin. Large news websites often use post widgets, social sharing and related content plugins to maximize the reach

Most Useful Social Sharing WordPress Plugins of 2016

At this time you can’t found the business who don’t use social networks to reach their clients and boost traffic for their web portals. Adding social sharing buttons to your site with a WordPress plugin is a simple way to increase the amount of social shares your posts receive. These

Forge – Free Front-End Page Builder for WordPress

Well, it’s finally live! Forge is new front-end page builder plugin for WordPress. This free version of the plugin has everything you need to create really good layouts, and the developers will adding more stuff as time goes on. At its core, Forge is a front-end page builder focused on speed and ease of

Free Tesla Login Customizer Plugin for WordPress

Do you have a WordPress website and bored of the default grey space WordPress displays when you need to login to your website Admin area? Here are the solution to change this all day routine to more customizable and more user friendly so as you wish. Customize your WordPress login/register/forgot password page with

Easily Optimize Your Ads – Plugin for WordPress!

Most blogs don’t earn significant money because of poor Ad placements. Many bloggers and website owners do not realize the importance of placing Ad strategically at places where most people would see and click on them. Maybe you want to try out different Ad positions but don’t know how

Official Twitter WordPress Plugin Just Released!

In 9 years of existence of one of the most famous social network Twitter, their network shaking the whole internet. Today they just released official plugin for WordPress. It probably still has a ton of kinks in it and is horribly behind in comparison to your current unofficial twitter