Directory (2.0): New Version of Directory WordPress Theme Has Just Released!

I guess, that a lot of people know about the most greatest WordPress product from Templatic called “Directory theme”. And right now finaly they just has released the version 2.0! The upgrade comes with a plethora of improvements and new features. One thing that stands out is the all-new mobile app view which will make your site more user friendly when viewed on a smartphone.

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You read that right. After months of hard work, Directory theme version 2.0 is finally here. Instead of bloating the theme with lots of features, the developers focused on improving performance & usability of Directory theme. Lots of changes were made which makes things simpler and more organized. Let me introduce some of those changes…

Directory 2.0 is a free upgrade for all existing Directory owners and Club members.
A new submission process

directory-theme-improved-submission-process-better-image-drag-dropListing submission process has been optimised in order to make it simpler and shorter. Submit Listing and similar forms now have a clear, four step submission process.

Price package improvements

Making you more money has always been the priority in all their products. This newer version makes price packages more flexible and practical.


The previous Directory version was already pretty robust when it comes to the monetization aspect. Most of the improvements they ended up doing were picked up from the wishlist thread, here’s what made the cut:

  • Submission time limit – along with defining the number of allowed posts, subscription price packages now allow you to set a time limit in which all those posts must be submitted.
  • Specify the featured duration – in Directory 1 any featured listing was featured for its whole duration. In Directory 2 the featured duration can be defined while creating the package (i.e. be shorter than the overall package duration).
  • Featured included in the price – making the listing featured no longer needs to be an extra. You can create a price package that is featured by default. In other words, all listings submitted with the package will be featured on the homepage or the category page.
  • Free subscription posts – this option allows you to specify the number of posts authors can submit before paying for a subscription price package. This is really useful if don’t have any free packages available.

This will certainly help you better monetise your directory site.

Multi-city & Map changes

One of the more common requests for Directory was to implement the ability to completely remove the “city” URL. Well, in Directory 2.0 this is finally possible. The option is available in the Permalink Settings area.

The category page map improvement

It is one of the favorites in all of Directory 2.0. The map on this page will now automatically refresh the content available below the map as soon as you move it. In other words, the category page will always display the stuff you see on the map. This means you can see listings from a different city if you zoom the map far enough.


Better search

The header search widget has been extensively tweaked and now comes with just one (universal) search field. This new “Instant Search” widget can be used to search through pretty much anything; category name, location, listing title, custom field value, etc. The best part, it provides instant results. As soon as you begin typing the search field will start suggesting results.

New “mobile app” view – beta

Apart from responsive mobile view, this new version also features an optional, dedicated mobile app view (can be disabled from your admin area).


To make mobile experience of your site as easier, fast and practical as possible for your site visitors, they have shipped separate mobile only templates with the theme which shows only most important elements on a page in easy to use, actionable manner creating app-like feel for the mobile visitors.

The mobile view is active on our live demo. To see it in action just visit the live demo with your phone. Please note that this particular feature is still in beta. It will be improved upon significantly over the next few weeks and months.

More noteworthy improvements

As you can imagine with a major release such as this, there are A LOT of random tweaks done all over the place. Here’s some of the ones you mind find interesting…

directory-theme-claim-verification-badge-faster-page-load-without-imageOther improvements include
  • More polished listing submission process.
  • Better price packages (i.e. more ways to make money).
  • Instant search functionality.
  • Completely revamped Advanced Search widget. Control search fields with drag n’ drop.
  • Reorganized and redesigned back-end settings.
  • Better claim ownership functionality. Process a claim with just 1 click.
  • Category page loads new listings as you zoom out and move around the map.
  • Ability to display only featured listings inside the homepage listing widget.
Existing Directory owner? Here are some changes you should know about

Along with a number of improvements listed above, Directory 2.0 also comes with large number of changes to existing features that can’t really be classified as new features or improvements. Most important of these changes are those done to Bulk Import/Export, IP blocker and Coupon Manager. These three features have been removed from the core download and are now available as free extensions. Grab them here.

Other changes include…

  • Redesigned and restructured back-end. The number of options available under the main Tevolution dropdown has been significantly reduced.
  • “T – About Us” and “T – Advertisements” widgets have been removed from Directory 2 because they weren’t really necessary (the native “Text” WordPress widget does the same thing).
  • The “All in One Search” widget has been renamed to “Instant Search”.
  • Support for the “Are you a human” plugin has been pulled. You will have to rely on WP-reCAPTCHA.
How to apply this upgrade?

The upgrade procedure for Directory 2.0 is significantly easier compared to some of their previous upgrades. To complete it you will need to update each of the four (or five if you’re using a child theme) distinct components. These are of course Tevolution, Location Manager, Directory plugin and Directory (theme). If these updates aren’t available to you inside the WordPress dashboard please connect to the member area and download them there.

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