Divi 2.5: Saving Your Time & Sooo Much Improvements!

Some hours ago Elegant Themes presents the new version of their hottest WordPress theme and calling it Divi 2.5. It is not a simple theme to wear and go, it is theme monster with a lot of possibilities, but in the same time very easy to use.

This time the developers brings a lot of new features, which are time savers, less work, more done. One of these, Divi Live Editor, is already proving to be an awesome time saver and productivity booster. So let’s see what improvements and features was done.

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Divi 2.5 New Features

These new feature is going to save you time, improve your productivity, or be a real game changer when you begin to wonder how you ever managed to get along without it. As they evolve, the need for new and improved features becomes more obvious, and user feedback plays a role as well.  Several new features have been incorporated in Divi 2.5, including one or two that you have, up until now, somehow managed to get along without.

Right Click Options

right-click-optionsDivi employs a modular approach toward building a website. This type of an approach is straightforward and orderly, but you may still find managing your work a bit cumbersome at time. A new feature that allows you to right-click on modules, and enables the Builder to accept hotkey commands, makes task management easier by giving you quick and easy access to Divi Builder’s existing and newly integrated settings.

Several important functions can be activated by right-clicking on the Builder and selecting a specific action. The ability to Copy, Undo, and Save with a mouse click can be a genuine time saver. This is especially true, given with the newly incorporated capability to preview work before saving it to the Library.

The Divi Role Editor

the-divi-role-editorWith the Role Editor you can share items that can be further edited, or lock them, in which case you retain full editing rights. You can enable, disable, edit, or customize options, and establish the roles for your website administrators, editors, authors, and contributors. All in all, this new Divi 2.5 feature should help to keep designer-client relationships on an even level.

Preview Module

preview-moduleThe Live Preview feature is not simply a convenience. It is in fact a huge time saver in that it significantly reduces the number of steps required in the page-building process, A few hours saved over the course of a project can equate to meaningful gains in productivity.

Once you have completed one or more page-building steps, it takes but a click to save your work to the Library. If on the other hand, you want to preview your work before filing it away, you can save and edit it. You will have better control over your page-building and editing activities, and save the time and effort involved in redoing past mistakes at the last minute.

Live Preview is a particularly valuable feature when used in conjunction with the Builder History, Undo, and Copy/Paste Shortcuts feature.

Builder History with Undo and Copy Paste Shortcuts

divi-undo-redoDivi Undo, Redo & History is a powerful new feature that has been built into version 2.5. As you are building your website, every step you take is recorded. At the completion of the design phase, or during any step in the design phase, a history of your actions has been recorded. You can go back to any step you choose and make the appropriate changes or corrections. You can undo steps or activities and/or redo them. This is somewhat similar to the restore function in a computer operating system, but it is much more powerful.


Divi is available through the Elegant Themes network, which offers some pretty cool packages. Every Elegant Themes package comes with access to Divi as well as all the other themes in the network with unlimited website usage and technical support.

There are three pricing tiers available for personal, developer and lifetime access.

  • Personal license – $69 per year
  • Developer license – $89 per year
  • Lifetime access – $249 one time fee

Get Divi from ElegantThemes Today!

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