Divi 2.6: Ultimate WordPress Theme, the Next Big Things Added!

I guess, that everybody hear about WordPress theme called “Divi”. That’s a realy ultimate and big theme for all kind of businesses, but the guys over at Elegant Themes keep on uppdating the ante and today they inform about release of Divi 2.6! It Has Arrived, Including New Modules, Header Styles And The New Responsive Editing System.

We have so many amazing things planned, and we are happy to kick things off with the release of Divi 2.6. This new version of Divi comes with an updated Divi Builder, including new modules, improved modules and our new responsive editing controls. Divi’s theme options have also been expanded to include two brand new header styles and a completely re-designed Theme Options panel. That’s right, after 6 years of neglect, ePanel has finally been revamped to embody Divi’s clean and modern style.

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Responsive Editing Controls

Means no more coding media queries for desktop / tablet / mobile as it will be just a matter of selecting the devise in the modules. Use it along with the live preview responsive testing tabs and you have a rather elegant solution. You will no longer need to toy with various media queries in your Divi Child themes to override a module’s advanced design settings on mobile devices. Combined with the Divi Builder’s live previewer and responsive testing tabs, this new feature works like a charm!


More Header Styles

The Divi Theme Customizer won’t be left behind, it’s also getting an update. Divi 2.6 will come with fabulous new header styles that will give you more options when building new websites for yourself or for your clients.


Increased functionality and layouts with new and upgraded Modules

New Divi modules will mean there will be a module for almost anything you could ever need. I’ve never felt limited with the number of Content Modules available in Divi, currently there are over 40 Modules, but Elegant Themes are adding a few new Modules in Divi 2.6, which the Divi community has asked for.

This will allow you to add even more functionality to your websites and increase the number of layout possibilities.


New Module Options

It gives you greater control of how your Divi modules function. As you can see from the image below, the much requested feature for allowing custom contact form fields seems to have been addressed. Fabulous!


I hope that you enjoyed the post and that it’s given you a flavour of the goodies which are added to Divi 2.6.

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