Divi 2.7: Hot Update With More Opportunities!

Just hot and fresh a new update of one of the most popular WordPress themes on the net called “Divi”. If you are looking for an awesome theme for your next web design project, then look no further, the guys at  Elegant Themes have done a lot with a Divi theme and this can be the only one what you need.

Now while you might be wondering what makes 2.7 different from the other updates, but 2.7 will focus on 3 major areas: Split Testing, Portability and a new set of Page Options. Read on to see some of the awesome updates.

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The Divi Leads Split Testing System

On the off chance you haven’t heard about Divi, or the Divi builder, then you are really missing out, once you try it, then you will see that it is awesome for building pages. In Divi 2.7 the folks at Elegant Themes are introducing an improvement that is bound to make Divi simpler to use but introducing a split testing framework that will make it simple for you to gain more insight into what makes your visitors happy.

The thing that makes Divi Leads so good is the fact that it will work as an extension of the Divi Builder, which will make it so much easier for you to test different modules, rows or sections to see how each variation affects the conversion rate of your designated goal.


Enhanced Portability

Divi 2.7 introduces some real upgrades to the versatility of Divi and the Divi Builder. The great thing about the update, is that it means it will be much less time consuming to share and exchange Divi Builder designs. If you have been using the  Divi library, then you will love this new expansion. It makes it so much simpler to customize different parts of your site.


Brand New Builder Page Settings

The last thing I would like to mention is the arrangement of page settings, that will be introduced with Divi 2.7. These changes will allow you to make changes to the entire page you are working with, unlike module/row/sections settings (which affect only each individual element). This means you will be able to adjust certain design options for the entire page, instead of having to edit every single module.


If you want to learn more about this update, then check out the video below:

Every time Elegant Themes release a new update of the Divi WordPress theme it is a huge step forward and they prepare it very smoothly without a lot of hastle. You can trust me the Divi becames better and better, so there is a reason why Divi is constantly ranked as one of the best themes out there. Remember as always you can get the Divi theme as well as all other Elegant Themes for just $69, at that price there really is no excuse for not getting the Divi theme.

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