Divi Theme (2.1): Tons of Improvements and One Page Website!

So far i know, Divi Theme are one of the best,  amazingly beautiful and most wanted WordPress theme ever. So, the theme developers from Elegant Themes makes everything, that Divi go forward and don’t stop and the point, where everything is enough. I see, that for Divi is still not enough and sooo much possibilities to make this theme absolutely unbeaten.

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Today we was informed about Divi 2.1 version release and let’s look what changes are inside.

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Divi 2.1 Overview

Divi Theme 2.1 introduces several new features, as well as a ton of improvements and bug fixes, making it the most stable and feature-rich version of Divi yet! Most notable are Divi’s new One Page Website features, including Floating Side Navigation, Smooth Scrolling Anchor Links and a new Back To Top Button.

Preview the New One Page Features:

Floating Side Navigation

divi-21-side-navDivi 2.1 also comes with a modern progress bar navigation option for the single page sites, the progress bar will stick to right side of the page indicating the current section which is clickbale to visit other section on the page.

One Page Menu Links

As you already know, that in onepage website you will not need navigation links, you can just scrolling to the down and visit everything on the same page. Divi 2.1 enables you to create smooth navigation which will guide users to different section of the page.

Single page navigation can be created by assigning correct CSS ID which is assigned by the page builder.

Back to Top Button

divi-21-back-to-topIn addition, you can now enable a “back to top button”. Now your page header is only one click away for your viewers. This is a global feature that works great when combined with section navigation. Amidst the popularity of long-format, single-page websites, these features are the perfect compliment.

Smooth Scrolling Internal Links

With this update, the browser will smoothly scroll to any internal page links you add. You can assign a unique ID selector (i.e. section-id) in section and module settings, allowing you to link directly to that element. To link to this item, simply add a hashtag before the ID selector (i.e. <a href=”#section-id”>Visit This Section</a>). This is great for adding primary navigation items that link to specific sections or modules of a single-page website. By creating custom anchor links, you can easily create single page websites with Divi.

Sticky Images

This is a very simple feature, and yet it opens up so many fun possibilities. The Divi developers have added a new setting to all image modules that allows you to remove the space from below the image, letting it sit directly above the module or section below it. This lets your images “break the frame” in a controlled fashion.

Video tutorial how to create One Page website using Divi:

Countless Improvements & Bug Fixes

Divi’s new One Page Website features are just a tiny part of this update. The majority of our time was spent on fixing bugs that have been reported since the release of Divi 2.0. For a complete list of changes go to the Elegant Themes Blog page.

Demo Info/Download

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