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Most blogs don’t earn significant money because of poor Ad placements. Many bloggers and website owners do not realize the importance of placing Ad strategically at places where most people would see and click on them.

Maybe you want to try out different Ad positions but don’t know how to code them in or want to split test different Ad units? This problem can be solved by using this cool WordPress plugin called “WP in Post Ads”.

Price: $25

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The latest release, WP In Post Ads plugin, not only lets you place Ads anywhere you like inside a post using shortcodes or on your sidebar using a widget – it also helps you control who sees them and when they are visible. This single plugin puts you ahead of the competition and gives you an unfair advantage to help you earn 30-50% more Ad revenue from your current traffic.

This plugin helps you AB split test different Ad combinations so that you can find out which Ad position works best with your audience. You can even let Ads be placed randomly inside your posts, using a shortcode, and then monitor their performance.

Track impressions as well to find out how many times an Ad was actually seen on your website. This works especially well if you use direct advertising.

Chose whether you want to show your Ads after an X number of days after the post is published or hide it after X days. This option gives you complete control over Ad visibility on new or old posts. The most useful scenario would be, not to show your Ads for couple of days after publishing your content, so your regular readers don’t get distracted.


  • A/B Split Testing
  • Count Ad Views
  • Ad Widget Included
  • Show Ad With Shortcode
  • Show Ad After Post Title
  • Show Ad After Content
  • Show Ad After N Number of Paragraphs
  • Show Ad After X Days
  • Hide Ad After X Days
  • Choose Not To Show Ads To Logged in Users
  • Integrate Ads With Google Analytics
  • Display Ads Randomly
  • Options to Control Each Post Ads
  • Supported in All WordPress Themes
  • Extensive Documentation
  • 24 Hours Support

Demo Info/Download

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