Essentials Every Web Designer Need to Know

Web designing can really be hard sometimes even for experienced website developers as it involves developing professionally sound websites with outstanding designs that is both usable and pleasing to deliver information and to build a brand. So, here I’ve put together few designing principles for developing a good website.

Precedence do matters

To achieve precedence, developers should use following tools:

  • Positioning
  • Color
  • Contrast
  • Size
  • Design Elements

Spacing is extremely an important part of website designing


It is essential to focus more on spacing properties while designing any website at the beginning to fill up each and every available space with the desired stuff required for adjusting spaces is essential. Spacing make things more clearly visible. So, in Web designing process, there are three aspects of spacing properties that one should be considering:

  • Line Spacing
  • Padding
  • White Space
  • Navigation
  • Navigation Orientation

Designing to develop highly engaging websites


You might have picked up an amazing font for designing a web body section but is it really a standard HTML font that is to be used for website designing? It’s really important to analyze, how to design and adjust HTML body part to present a good website.

Some things like vertical alignments with CSS positioning systems are still a painful issue that is to be considered while designing a website.

Sometimes moving an object around in your website design process can really make a huge difference in how you code your CSS styling codes. One should be able to balance between what looks good according to user’s viewpoint and small changes that can really simplify your developing skills.


  • Font Choices
  • Font Sizes
  • Spacing
  • Line Length
  • Color
  • Paragraphing


Keeping things sorted up is essentially an important consideration for designing a web page. While designing a web page, developers should go for a thorough details of designing a page and should always try to keep things consistently placed in a proper page. Aligning makes every designing more ordered, more attractive, more engaging for visitors and more digestible, as well as making it visibly more polished.

Clarity means Sharpness of a web page

Web page clarity is essentially an important point to be considered by web designers while performing a web designing:

  • Keep proper shape of edges parallel to pixels preferred by you as it involve manually cleaning up shapes, lines and boxes while creating them in Photoshop.
  • Getting a clear view of any text selected is created by using an appropriate anti-aliasing setting.
  • Ensuring that the contrast is very high so that borders are clearly defined.
  • Over-emphasizing borders are slightly used to exaggerate the contrast.


Consistency means making everything perfect and matched. Consistencies comprises of heading size, font adjustability options, coloring schemes, button styling, spacing up properties, designing elements, illustration styling guides, photo alternatives and many other such properties are needed while designing a web page. Everything should be properly themed so as to make all your designing styles exceptionally coherent between pages that you have created and on the previously designed web-page. Specifying your designing styles to be consistent is all about you being professional. Inconsistencies in designing phase are just like spelling errors in an essay. Doen by all of us at some point of time.

Identify you audiences perspective


Who your audiences are, will play an important role in how you design your websites that looks appealing to your website viewers. There are many demographics to be considered by website developers that will surely influence their designing skills in both the ways:technically and professionally. Designing a website from user’s viewpoint will definitely influence the general aesthetic of the website and will help to determine a lot of small details of your website such as details, font-sizes etc. To make sure that you are clear about who will be using your website for their professional purposes is very much an essential point.


The main motive should be of planning a strategic website designing required for a specific purpose that definitely depends upon your designing skills. Avoid falling into certain traps of website designing by thinking through every designing decisions that you choose to take on with. Once you get into these bad habits of questioning yourself for every designing decision that you make, the whole process will be affected and much more focused. Concentrating more about the product and the kind of organization you’re representing will help you to achieve your goals smoothly. Think about your target audience and your brand that will definitely work in this web designing context.

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