Eventum: Create an Events Portal with This WordPress Theme!

Thinking about starting an events directory? A few hours ago was released Eventum, a new Directory child WordPress theme heavily inspired by old Nightlife theme in Templatic marketplace. In combination with the Events add-on, Eventum will allow you to manage both regular and recurring events, keep a list of event participants and much more.

Price: $49

Demo Info/Download

eventum-events-wordpress-theme-2Eventum is part of extensive Directory platform which allows you to create anything from a small directory website to a massive portal featuring classifieds, events, properties and regular listings.

What’s included in the Eventum package?
  • The Directory product is the primary ingredient within the Directory platform. It consists of three plugins and one theme. By purchasing the Eventum package you’ll gain access to all of these components.
  • Events add-on enables important event management features inside Directory. These include recurring events, attending functionality, Facebook events, filter tabs (current, upcoming, past) and more.
  • Eventum child theme. Despite having no built-in functionality, the child theme is what actually transforms the classic Directory look into the sleek event-focused design you see above.

Demo Info/Download

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