Evolution of WordPress Trends in 2018

The new year is almost upon us and being the WordPress zealots that we are, biting into the newest trends for 2018 is a must. These trends are in a close alignment with the past year’s trends which ruled the WordPress realm. Some of these trends were the rise of Minimalism, a mobile-friendly approach, multipurpose themes, single paged websites, and many more.

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With an average of 50,000 websites being launched every other day and 75 million of them running on it, there is no denying the fact that WordPress has become a widely loved CMS for netizens from around the world. This also particularly means that WordPress is working its way to cater to the latest trends that have been catching the nerve of the existing web generation.

So, if you are a new WordPress website owner or just new to blogging, let us help you with the most certain WordPress trends that will rule the year, 2018.

  • Minimal Navigation

Navigation is a prime response driving factor when it comes to your website traffic. The more cumbersome the navigation throughout the website, the more trouble with the site visitors. This is simply because nobody wants to get tangled in a (supposedly) endless loop of ‘Clicks’ and ‘Nexts’.

For 2018, more and more WordPress website and blog owners will adopt the minimal navigation way to boost their traffic. At a maximum of 3 clicks, the visitors should be able to move from the homepage to the requesting page and vice-versa.

  • Power Video Headers

2017 saw major brands going the ‘Video header’ way for their website’s homepage. The trend had just begun to settle in and now, other people are realizing how these video headers minimize the need of putting up a lot of text which is definitely a pain for the websites to compose and an overwhelming effort for the site visitors to read.

Through these video headers, more WordPress websites will be able to tell their stories to the target audience and also spike their search engine rankings because the latest Google algorithm favors video content and SEO. You can use awesome plugins like Easy Video Background WP, mb.YTPlayer for background videos and Video Background.

  • Animations; And a Lot of It

Very similar to the Video headers that we just talked about, Animations are visually stimulating. Again, they take away the need of placing too much text and replace it with stunning graphical movement on the screen which is pleasant to look at. In 2018, a lot of existing WordPress websites will revamp their appearance and the new ones will begin with powerful animations to talk about the products or services they are dealing with.

  • Bold Will Be the New Beautiful

Gone are the days of serious and monochromic themed websites which depicted that they meant serious business and no fun. Brands have come a long way and have now introduced bold colors and typography in their WordPress website’s structure simply because those are engaging.

The best of the website design trends for 2018 and beyond have talked about how colorful and bold schemes enhance readability, set the brand tone, and play with the business theme in mind.

  • Mobile-First Approach

If you had a chance to read or know about the WordPress trends that ruled the internet in 2018, you would have probably heard that websites are adopting the mobile-friendly approach so that they can reach the audience from all viable platforms. FYI, the Google mobile-friendly update which was rolled way back, is all about receiving a significant boost in the mobile search results if your
website is accessible through mobile devices.

The mobile outreach is so deep in Asia that it accounts for 65.1 percent of all web traffic. Now, in 2018, a lot of brands will be investing more of their resources and efforts into building a great mobile-friendly website instead of focusing on the desktop version of it. The WPtouch plugin can help you begin with this approach.

  • Accelerated Mobile Page Mode

This is an extension of the ‘mobile-friendly’ website approach. Accelerated mobile pages load instantly and enhance the performance of your web content. They reduce the clutter and improve readability of the content. 2018 will see a lot of website owners adopting this approach because by the time this trend becomes too mainstream, these websites would have had achieved an extra edge.If you are a WordPress website owner, you can use Automattic’s AMP plugin to get started.

  • Virtual Reality Support

Virtual reality caught quite the fire in the past year. All services wanted to immerse their target audience into this experience and fixate upon how VR can help them understand their product/service better. Businesses like Travel, Real estate, Hospitality, Prototyping, designing etc.
have benefitted with this technology the most. In 2018, a lot of WordPress websites will find their solace in VR powered plugins such as WP-VR-view – Add Photo Sphere, 360 video to WordPress and VR Views.

Bonus Trends:

  • Push notifications for WordPress websites to reach the audience better.
  • IoT/Smart Connect that help integrate WordPress websites with wearables and smart devices used by the audience.
  • AI-powered Chatbots that can interact with the requesting site visitors 24*7.
  • Drag and Drop themes have graced the WordPress world for a while and will continue to do so in 2018.
  • E-Commerce focused themes will find their way in 2018.
  • WordPress in many languages.
  • The ability of a user to engage and interact with the content your website posts; Micro-interactions will be a big hit in 2018.

Also, be on a lookout for other surprising trends that might pop-up as we kickstart the new year so that your WordPress website never fails to strike a chord with its audience.


Trends cater to the subsequent need for change in a system. Likewise, these WordPress trends will cater to the need of the hour. With the ever-evolving web ecosystem and the competition getting tougher every other day, changes are happening at an alarming rate. Hence, if you want your business and its website to stay relevant throughout 2018 and beyond, make sure that you are ready to implement these trends at the earliest.


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