Forge – Free Front-End Page Builder for WordPress

Well, it’s finally live! Forge is new front-end page builder plugin for WordPress. This free version of the plugin has everything you need to create really good layouts, and the developers will adding more stuff as time goes on.

Price: $0

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At its core, Forge is a front-end page builder focused on speed and ease of use. That means you will be working straight on your actual website with it, moving blocks of content with ease and looking at the end result at all times.


A complete collection of elements

Forge works by making use of an extensive collection of single elements.

Each element is a single piece of content that can be inserted anywhere in the design, and comes with a number of options so that you can customize it. Some elements can also house other elements inside, so you can build truly intricate pages very intuitively.


Working with Any Theme

This plugin is designed to work with any and every WordPress theme available, so you can use it anywhere.


  • A true front-end page building experience where you can see the actual result in real time.
  • Compatible with the vast majority of WordPress themes, by working on top of your design.
  • Responsive design that works on every platform, so your content looks great anywhere.
  • Intuitive drag & drop interface with a minimal and unobtrusive design.
  • Lightning fast to use! Type anything to start finding elements. Press Esc to close the settings panel. And so on.

Guide Download


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