Free Icons for Web and User Interface Design – Part 1

Icons are one of the most famous items to use in web design, so we are responsible to bring out only the best things for designers. This is a first roundup of great icon sets and step by step we promise to bring more in the comon weeks and months. Nowadays icons are a vital part of Web/UI designing. As the smart phone industry is growing very fast , the web is going to small screens , as a result of this we need to present rich information’s in a minimal place , in such situations icons are very handy .In this post we are showcasing 10 or more latest and best free icons we found in web.

Free Icon Set PSD

Free-Icon-Set-PSD-2 Download

Free Vector Icons

Free-vector-icons-2 Download

Free Weather Icons PSD

Free-Weather-Icons-PSD-2 Download

Social Flat Vector Black Icons

Social-flat-vector-black-icons-2 Download

30 iOS Styled Vector Icons

30-iOS-Styled-Vector-Icons-2 Download

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7

Tab-Bar-Icons-iOS-7-2 Download

70 Ecommerce and Shopping Icons

70-Ecommerce-and-Shopping-Icons-2 Download

Simple Line Icons

Simple-Line-Icons-2 Download

72 Vector Social Media Icons

72-Vector-Social-Media-Icons-2 Download

200 Free Ecology Icons

200-Free-Ecology-Icons-2 Download

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