Free Icons for Web and User Interface Design – Part 24

Icons are one of the most famous items to use in web design, so we are responsible to bring out only the best things for designers. This is a first roundup of great icon sets and step by step we promise to bring more in the comon weeks and months. Nowadays icons are a vital part of Web/UI designing. As the smart phone industry is growing very fast, the web is going to small screens, as a result of this we need to present rich information’s in a minimal place, in such situations icons are very handy. In this post we are showcasing 10 or more latest and best free icons we found in web.

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Mono – Vector Simple Icons (AI, PSD)

Mono-Vector-Simple-Icons Download

Tab Bar Icons PSD

Tab-Bar-Icons-PSD Download

Sport Icons PSD

Sport-Icons-PSD Download

Free Flat Cosmetics Icons (AI)

flat-cosmetics-icons Download

Free Vector Fruit Icons (AI)

Free-Vector-Fruit-Icons Download

Roomicons (AI)

Roomicons Download

Free Kitchen Tools Icons (AI, PSD)

Free-Kitchen-Tools-Icons Download

Free Touch Icons (AI, PSD, SVG)

Free-Touch-Icons Download

Office Icon Set (AI, PSD, EPS)

Office-Icon-Set Download

Free PSD Icons for iOS

free-PSD-icons-for-iOS Download

Assorted Round Icons (AI)

Assorted-round-icons Download

Web Interface Icons PSD

Web-Interface-Icons-PSD Download

Chart Icons Free PSD

Chart-Icons-Free-PSD Download

Flat Icons PSD

Flat-Icons-PSD Download

Free Christmas Vector Social Icons

Free-Christmas-Vector-Social-Icons Download

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