Gabfire Releases Twitter Feed Plugin for WordPress

Gabfire is one of the leading WordPress development company in the internet world and they just today has released a free WordPress plugin to showcase your Twitter feed on your website. The plugin is available for download from the WordPress plugin repository.

Price: $0

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Displaying Twitter Feed in the widget area is a very popular practice among webmasters as it helps to engage the visitors to a great extent. So, if you want to start this practice just grab this plugin and get started.

The Gabfire Twitter Feed plugin displays the latest tweets from your Twitter account in any widget area. It uses the latest Twitter oAuth method ensuring full compatibility.

The users can display tweets:

  • By Username
  • By Hashtag

So if you are looking for a good quality Twitter Feed plugin for WordPress, this plugin is definitely a good option.

How to Start?

Gabfire Twitter Feed plugin is easy to get started with, first download and install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory. Once you activate the plugin you will get the plugin settings for further options to place Twitter API keys.

This is a very simple plugin so there should not be any compatibility issue, the team also confirms that the plugin will work with any WordPress theme.

Twitter API Key

You need to visit page to get the API keys required for this Twitter Feed Plugin. Create the application and get the API key code.

Once you set the parameters in the widget with along with the API keys, the Twitter feed widget should work perfectly and show the feeds as per your input.

You also have an option to set the Widget to show the profile image thumbnail next to the tweet, this will make the Twitter feed widget look much better.

Download Plugin

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