Guide: How to Install WordPress?

wordpressWordPress is the largest website and blog script used for blogging, Websites and for business! The script is just amazing and can be modified by your choice and liking. People are leaving famous sites like and because of new implemented policy that no affiliate marketing and links will be shared on those two platforms!

Because many people wanna get WordPress and wanna install WordPress on their hosting that is why this is a small on how you can install! There are 4 methods to install WordPress on your hosting.

The first thing is that you need to get a domain and hosting. You can easily get these two on cheap prices from link below.

After getting the above things all you need is the installation tutorial for WordPress below. There are 4 steps which you can use easily:

1. Install WordPress with Auto Install

This is the most easy method to install WordPress on your web hosting. What is auto install? Auto Install is a feature that automatically installs any script automatically! you can not only install WordPress but also install other famous scripts and forums on your hosting site.

Just goto the Auto install in your control panel or cpanel on your web hosting and simply click on WordPress icon and after a couple of details provided by you WordPress will be installed and ready to use! Anyone that is not familiar with advance stuff can perform this method if your hosting supports it.

Many hosts install old WordPress scripts so check the script or update it if necessary!

2. Install WordPress Manually by FTP!

The second method to install WordPress is using a FTP software! There are many software in market but i would recommend the best FTP software named Filezilla. You can download the software for free below:

After downloading the client you can install it like every software on your computer easily.

Also you need to download the WordPress script from its site.

Download the zip one and not the tar.gz one that one is for another method. After download unzip the files to a folder and then run the Filezill the FTP software. enter the details like Username, Password, port and Host.

For Username get if from details on your Cpanel from your web hosting. Password of your hosting and  host is your domain name and port is 21 as default.

upload the files you get from download to public_html folder!

Then from your Internet browser run the setup by typing the domain in your address bar! I will tell you the setup details in the end.

3. Install WordPress by File Manager

File manager is given by the web hosting similar to FTP on your computer you can easily upload the WordPress folder or the whole zip file if your file manager support decompression option. You can also upload the tar.gz file if your file manager supports it. Simply upload the file to the main directory Public_html

and then run the setup by typing domain name!

4. Install WordPress by SSH

This is a unique feature given by shared hosts (Some of them). Go to Cpanel of your hosting and you will see a SSH icon in there. Click it. Then you will see a page with Cmd on it. Write the following codes to install WordPress:

cd public_html
tar -zxvf latest.tar.gz

After this you will see the WordPress files and folder. You can move it to your main directory by FTP if you wanna run your site on WordPress only.

Run the setup by typing the domain or adding the folder that you have installed the files on.

Setup of WordPress

First thing you need to setup WordPress is creating a Database in MySQL. Go to your Web hosting and login to your Cpanel and you will see MySQL there click it.

Create a database name, username and Password…

When you run the setup you will be asked for the following details. Try not to forget it and enter it after you ran the setup by entering your domain name in your internet browser. and that is it!

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