Hottest Web Design Styles to Expect in 2017

Creative fields are all about trends and trends keeps on changing. Things are no different with web designing as it is completely based on innovation and experimentation. As the web is a constantly evolving platform, there are few changes or say trends you can expect in 2017.

Priority for mobile designs

Mobile-first approach may be more evident in 2017. Mobile-first means coming up with mobile designs first and then moving towards bigger screens. Last few years has definitely seen the increased approach of mobile-first designs. But today, as mobiles have become the primary source to navigate the web, more and more companies may be inclined to opt for this option.

Responsive design implementations

Yes, I understand what you are thinking. First the mobile-first designs then responsive designs, neither seems to be new for 2017, right? What I am pressing is that you will be able to see wider use of it by brands.

I am sure still there would be many people out there who are not familiar with the term. To keep it simple, let’s understand that responsive design is a process of creating dynamic designs using flexible grids or layouts and CSS media queries which can adjust to the display of any sized devices. The best thing about such designs is that you only pay once for the site which can be available on different devices.

Wide use of rapid prototyping tools

Gone are the days when web designs used to show their clients the mockups of the projects. This is the era of developing prototypes and offering real-time experience. Rapid prototyping came into the picture a couple of years ago and now has become one of the must-have tools for web designers.

Rapid prototyping tools allow the designers to come up with almost exact prototypes of the original website using the services like Marvel, Webflow, UXpin and InVision. The best thing about this feature is that everything is designed without using a single line of code. This helps the designers to explain and the clients to understand, how the final product will look and feel. Here designers can save in a lot of resources and time and can even launch the site directly from the prototyping tool.

Framework and UI patterns

Today, you must have witnessed more number of UI & UX designs and patterns coming up across the web, making all the websites to look and function almost the same way. The reason for this is that everyone is trying to improve their user experience by inheriting something better from others.

Here we don’t want to end up arguing that the websites now look almost similar but, we want to pinpoint the fact that these improved UI and UX designs have helped to deliver user-friendly websites. With widespread competition prevalent on the digital market, website owners cannot risk the user experience on their website and so using these result-oriented designs are justifying.

Go for bespoke designs

When it comes to website designs, the user experience is given the importance. With more number of websites having the same kind of look and feel, it becomes necessary to come up with bespoke designs to stand out of the crowd. One of the best ways to attract the users is to come up with bespoke visuals that really represents your brand.

Making use of animations, improved typography, improved scrolling without the use of fold, etc. are few more changes that you may witness in web design styles during 2017. With 100s of trends and creativity, there is always a chance that something new may click and gain popularity during the year. Always keep an ear open and see what’s new in the market for your industry.


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