How to Choice a Perfect WordPress Theme for Your Website

In today’s tutorial article i will simply and in understanding words explain how to choice the perfect WordPress theme for your website. We already know, that online you can get lost from the offering of free and premium WordPress themes. So you need a fast answer to your question – how not to burn and get a theme of your dreams.

1. First thing is to know what about your website is

Be smart and carefully think for what purpose you need a WordPress theme, what your website will be about. It is a commercial website, where you want to sell items, or it is a just blog, where you will write only articles? Do you need a theme to creat galleries for your photography purpose or to showcase of portfolio works? It is very important and first step to go, when you begin to search a theme of your dreams.

Responsivity-0022. Your theme MUST be responsive!

Just be sure, when you pick a theme, that it is a responsive one, becouse in this days a lot of people use a bunch of different devices and they will access your website in different size. So it is very important, that your website is responsive and great visible in all devices.

The responsivity you can check in this websites (just by entering a demo website adress): or

3. Find out what you want to see on your website

When you search a theme, firstly find out what you want to see on your website. Do you need an advertising spaces, like adsense or buysellads. Some themes have nothing space for advertising and if you pick the theme without an advertising possibilities, later you will have a problems to show ads.

Some main atributes every theme have, like a search bar, social network buttons, commenting system and widgets to show categories, recent comments, popular posts and so on, but if you want something special, make a list and search the themes which corresponds your needs.

SEO24. SEO Optimization

Many WordPress themes developers offer a themes with already SEO optimization. It is a second step by picking of theme. SEO means “Search Engine Optimization”. Do you want, that your website can be fast accessible by Google or other great search engines and, that your website appear on the search engine’s top positions, so a lot of people can find your website and read your article’s or buy your products? So add this step to your list.

5. How much content you will show and Loading Speed

Well done and good optimized WordPress theme is ten steps forward for your website’s life. You should think how much articles, images, banners and other stuff you will post on your website. If you post one article per day, week or month, you will not need a theme with a lot of unnecessary things, which slow down your website’s loading speed. If you planing to make a news or magazine website and bring out tons of articles with images or without, then you can choice a theme with more stuff on it. The speed of the theme you can check here:

excellent-quality-rating-0016. The Quality

Where to get a theme? How to know this theme is well done? Yes, those questions is very important and you don’t want to loose the money for a bad quality theme, which lead you to a lot of problems and headaches when you start to managing your website.

Firstly make your investigation. Buy or download themes only from a trusted marketplaces (some of premium theme makers are listed below). If it is possible, firstly try the theme’s free version, which are called “lite” or “light” and if you are happy with a results, then you can purchase a full version.

If you can look around the support sections of every marketplaces a good one gives you a free lifetime support, becouse it is very important thing not to be forgotten and i’m sure you need help anyway. In the comments you can look what difficulties clients becomes after purchasing of theme which you like. If you see a lot of complains it is best not to buy this theme and search another one.

One more thing i want to mention, please be sure, that your theme has a well done documentation and guide how to use the theme. You deserve to become an instruction and a lot of good companys have this in the downloadable file included.

So here are some places to buy a greatest quality WordPress theme with the most helpfull support:

  • MyThemeShop – they build awesome themes and has a very trusted support. I use their theme and i’m very happy with the instructions and help what i become.
  • TeslaThemes – it is a young company, but as i was able to know, they makes beautiful themes and of course each theme have documentation and support.
  • ElegantThemes – this company have a lot of unique WordPress themes and are very active in blogging. A lot of people trust them and i am sure, their themes are well done.

7. Contact Theme Author

Allways write an email to a theme author or company. Firstly aks for a discount, they are happy to have a customer and in the most cases they cut off the price for you. Secondly, talk a bit about the theme you want to buy or download. If you get an fast answer and theme author is helpfull, you will know, that he takes care for everything of his business. If you don’t get any response, you must forgot this theme and search a new one.


So here are the 7 things to know before to buying or downloading a WordPress theme. I feel i mention the all main aspects, but if you think i must to add something more, just write in comments and help to improve this article.

Have a nice business with a theme of your dreams 🙂

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