How to Create a Blog Your Readers Drool Over?

Creating a captivating blog is more of a choice than a chance.

With so many people blogging and posting articles on the internet, how do you ensure that your content outlays others?

If you want your content to live forever on the web, it has to be nothing less than remarkable. Something that your readers would drool over. Something that would make them come back again and again.

Businesses want to reach out the maximum audience. They want to attract every single of their potential customers and convert them to regular ones. This is a long process, but it all starts with an amazing content that draws their attention.

This article will focus on crafting a sharp and crisp web content. You can tweak your post into a wonderful and memorable one, which gets appreciated and shared by your readers.

First Of All, Know Where You Want To Lead Your Readers

Before you start penning down, have a clear picture about the aim of the article. Manage your content, and then frame it out. List down the information you have as well as the ideas on how you can represent it in the best way.

And How Do You do it?

Pay attention to every single element of the article. This includes the choice of words, forming sharp sentences and keeping the content relevant to the topic.

  • The Power Of Attractive Headings And Sub-headings

Headlines are very important. They are a short introduction to the readers to let them know what you want to share. Having an amazing heading is the primary step to creating a wonderful post. It does not matter if you have spent hours on creating an amazing content. If the heading is not good enough, the post will not get its rightful attention.

Next, comes the sub-headings. The sub-headings helps to break down the content in points, making your article more readable. It helps the readers to easily absorb every bit of information you have to offer.

Keep the headlines simple and make sure that the content which follows the heading and sub-heading is relevant to it. This will ensure that your readers do not get disappointed after reading your article.

  • Use The ‘Magic’ Bullets

Do you know that once a visitor lands on your content, it takes less than 4 seconds for him or her to decide whether to read the entire content or jump to another?

People browsing the web keep hopping on different pages to find the right information. In order to draw their dispersed attention, bullets do a wonderful job.

Here is how to use the bullets in your post:

  • Highlight the most important point
  • Followed by lesser important one
  • And finally, the least important

Bullets help the readers to quickly scan through the content before they actually read the entire post.

  • The Art Of Story Writing

The content, even if you feel is not strong enough, connects best in the form of story. Stories are the most compelling way to connect with your audience. You would never meet your audience in person. Yet, writing your post as stories will help you get close enough to your readers.

You can share stories about your business experiences, some of the memorable moments along with real emotions and takeaways.

  • Avoid Wordiness To Skip Irrelevant Words

Too many words, expressing the same idea kills the quality of the post. If the reader feels that there is nothing new to read ahead, he wouldn’t consider reading further.

Do not keep stating the obvious. Cater the knowledge your readers came wandering about. Keep the content sharp and always share new information.

  • Add Statistics And Facts

Featuring the latest researches in forms of stats or graphs is a great way to engage the audience. Over the time, Google has always shown how websites are able to boost their traffic as well as reduce their bounce rate with infographics.

In most of the cases, all your readers would glance through are the headings and infographics. Make sure these are bang-on and urge the readers to check out the entire post.

  • Finally, Reach Out As A Friend

 Reaching out people to urge them to buy something that is irrelevant to them is as wrong as it sounds. Focus your marketing campaigns on the right people really need or can actually benefit from the product or services you have to offer.

It does not matter if you are working for an established firm or a start-up. Yo need to master the art of addressing the audience one-on-one. Make the readers realize that you share common interests to win their trust.

Pro Tip: Use the word “You” wherever possible to make the reader realize that you are addressing only him at a particular time.


The aim of posting content should always be to cater the audience what they are looking for. Creating wonderful posts is not a one-shot process. You need to keep delivering informative and entertaining content and make your frequent visitors into regular ones.


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