Important Move for Business – Mobile Friendly WordPress Website

People now prefer to talk online , shop online, scoop online , whoop online using their smartphones. So those who need to gain sure footing in this turbulently changing and wobbly market must go for mobile optimization, as it is one of the most prime requisite to boost your business returns. There is a lot of scope for any business and you can reap in a lot of benefit if you have a great idea.

All we need a proper implementation process. So for all those who have a WordPress website must keep tie a not in their mind that they need to and they can easily optimize their WordPress website for mobile devices. Let us find out.

Use Mobile-Friendly Themes


There is no gainsay that the performance of your theme must be consistent on a mobile as well as a desktop therefore you need to have a mobile version of your website is a prime requisite. Having a mobile friendly theme helps you save your effort of developing a responsive website or hiring a professional to do it so.  As we can see that there is a continual increase in the number of mobile devices but there is no need to worry as along with it there are also numerous themes along with it.

Minimize Elaborate Graphics


Smartphones were launched with a size of 4 inches and when it comes to sizes of the smartphone you can see that they are increasing considerably, but obviously they cannot be as big a screen of the desktop. Now in order to deliver an unfettered user experience to the users you need to cast aside all the unnecessary elements from your mobile website as they simply mar the user experience.

This is applicable to websites which need to sell something as users do not wish to get distracted from high end graphics.

Use Plugins

WordPress being 13 years old holds a wide berth of the development community who have developed made it one of the most extend-able platform. There are a lot of plugins developed by this ever expanding community of WordPress developers which has made it easy for us to customize this platform as much as we can in accordance to our needs. Further, there are plugins which have made your WordPress based website mobile friendly.

This something very beneficial for website owners as they now get a lot of time and efforts saved while making your website mobile friendly. This time can now be wisely utilized in increasing the functional level of your website. You can save a lot of hassle just by downloading and installing a plugin for your website and make your content easily comprehended by the users without nagging the users with the need of resizing and zooming when they are accessing it from a hand held device.

WordPress Mobile Pack:


This is a WordPress plugin which helps you to render unfettered experience to your users even if they are using hand held devices. It has a property of Domain mapping which identifies popular mobile devices and it also offer different color shade for a single theme. So, if you are particular about you hues then you can choose this plugin.

Download this plugin from for free!

Text must be crisp yet clear


Minimizing graphics are certainly needed, but along with that do not forget to minimize the text along with it. Mobile apps offer a very scanty are where you need to display your images as well as your text to your visitors. In order to not make your website a nigglingly one by making the uses resize and pan the text you need to deliver to the point and focused content about what you are selling or offering to the users.

Do not apply unnecessary gimmicks in order to catch the attention of the users, rather try to get more attention using lucrative sales of offers or personalized coupons. As a vendor you need to provide only those things which are favorable for the users as they will in return get you long term gains.

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