Integrate Google+ To Your Own WordPress Blog

I can see, that more and more people going to socialization in Google+, the guys making this great platform is surely genius and give a solutions to interact for everyone for free. Today i decide to give you an experience how to upgrade your WordPress site with a full Google+ integration.

As many know, that to use Google on the blog fully is very difficult and need some experience to do that, so keep reading and some WordPress plugins can help you to be on the top of the Google planet.

1. Authorship

Add your Google+ profile picture to Google search results. It is easy to do with the “Google Plus Authorship” plugin. Once you go from a simple steps via this plugin, at the last you will be able to see your profile picture, when you going to search your blog, you will be happy with the efforts you made. Outcomes with an avatar are 47% very likely to get a just click as without.

Just 3 easy steps to process:

  1. Plugin Installation.
  2. Enter Google profile URL in profile page.
  3. Post a link back from Google+ profile to your current website.

Download Google Plus Authorship

2. Add a Plus1 Button


Plus1 button is very helpful, when you want to interact your post with more people around the world. It is nescessary if you planing to increase visitors to your blog. Sharing allways is great!

This plugin shows Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google “+1”, Pinterest and other popular social share buttons above or below your posts. Easy customization of active buttons and position in the Settings menu.

In contrast to several other sharing plugin, this one aims to use only original code provided by any social network. There is no other service in the middle, you are not required to register or get a key to use it. Enjoy!

Download Plus1 Share Buttons

3. Add a Google+ Badge

google-plus-badge-2This permits people to very easily follow you starting from your website.

Google Plus has a new badge widget that is available for use. Released along with their recent restructuring and rebranding, the badge features a photo tile mosaic, along with a profile picture, name, link, description, and Google Plus “Follow” button along with a follower count.

This badge widget provides significant enhancements over the traditional badge widget, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. However, the code normally must be added manually, until now.

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily add the new Google Plus badge widget to your website, assuming it is running the WordPress content management system. It is easy to configure using your Google Plus user ID, and it is able to be styled using CSS to fit your blog’s current WordPress theme.

Download Google+ Badge Widget

4. Add Google+ Comments

google-plus-comments-2In my opinion , I don’t believe this really is a good idea, i feel you must always keep your comments under your own ownership instead of put all of them into the hands of plugins and also platforms, however individuals seem to like that choice, therefore i desired to involve it here . You might execute this plugin.

Download Comments Evolved

In Conclusion

It is your choice what to do with your own blog or website. Someone like Google+, other like Facebook or other social networks, o even some don’t like them at all. If you ask my oppinion, i will tell you, that i like Google+ for their originalism, quality, functionality and a lot of other different things what you can do in your Google+ pages.

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