Is Coding Something Really Essential for Designers to Know?

The discussion over whether a designer should learn coding or not is constantly heated up and it has its advocates on either side. This is a question that crops up time and again; however, the whole designer community unites and fiercely opposing the idea of getting trained in coding. They have their own reasons to counter this belief, however, experts believe that acquiring some efficiency in coding can enlighten their way as well as empower their work approach. On the other hand, designers believe that sailing on two boats can be dangerous for the project as well for their own career.

No matter who says what, but this is a fact that its 2016 and we have come a long way as far as web design is concerned. Organizations are promoting specialized roles and the days are gone when designers used to plow through the whole development stack on their own. At present, advanced tools and effective practices are involved in this job for a higher outcome.

Now, to put an end to this debate, let’s dig out more to find out the answer of this debate:


Quality Can Suffer

Keeping up with multiple things can be dangerous because when designers stretch themselves to achieve all, it is possible you end up with nothing. To learn the nuance, designers have to devote a good deal of their time, which can be utilized somewhere else, may be in a more effective way e.g. in solving problems.

Rather, a designer should be strictly responsible for the layout, colors, fonts and the entire branding of a website. Such core jobs attached with a designer can define its value, but putting him into the learning of something extra can make the quality suffer.

Know Coding to Some Extent is Fruitful

Knowing how to code ultimately makes you an efficient web designer. Getting into codes provides you a clearer picture of the printing process and after sometime you will find yourself a better print designer. In the current scenario, you see specialists everywhere. HTML and semantics are the languages in which front-end developers speak and rest get along with SaaS and CSS. Interactions with such tools are the cup of tea for those who deal with visual designs.

  • Knowledge of codes gives you a competitive advantage
  • Establish better communication along with the web creation pipeline
  • Know the medium you work in will help you to be the master of that medium
  • The more knowledge of coding you acquires the better designer you will be.

What Exactly Designers Have to Say?

Their biggest dream is to build their own websites, not exactly website coding. Following two factors are behind this:

  • Provide Seamless Services to Clients

It is a very common scenario when clients have the limited budget and they cannot afford a developer along with a designer.  They look for a combo deal and designers who can manage to perform both enter into the win-win situation, particularly both-developer and the resource.

  • Having A Stronger Control on Both Departments

Usually it happens that when designers create something and a big part of its value is lost in course to the developer. At a time when we have responsive design around us making our imagination more close to reality, going for PSD, HTML and CSS will get us such types of troubles. Here, designers find an opportunity to try out some latest tools, constantly go through the new stuff from the tech world and keep on learning to have a stronger grip over the two facets.

It is not tough to Learn Code

Let me make it very clear that when I say learn code, please do not co-relate it with core-coding. Once core-coding is excluded from your syllabus, it is for sure that you will not take much time to learn the rest. HTML will take a few days to learn and the rest remains a memorizing stuff. There is another tool named CSS and this might take a little longer, but once you pick it up from its roots you will easily grab it after a while. In this too, the easy memorizing stuff will be remaining.

However, both will take much time to master, CSS in particular. Remember, coding is completely a different art than designing. Therefore, we stress upon going through this learning curve, which enables designers code their own design. Not everyone finds it convenient to learn how to develop websites.


After having a close look of the whole matter, we can now clearly state that designers do not need to know coding at all. However, we do believe that designers should know how to deal with CSS and HTML because this will lead them towards acquiring a great ability where you can make better choices in the medium of web designing. Overall, you do not have to literally go for core-coding, but only the basics to enable yourself perform exceptionally well as a designer.

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