Magical Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Themes for Every Company

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In these days whatever might be the company, each and every one needs the WordPress. Their themes are so splendid and they can be used for any cause and can even extend. Here you will be knowing a detailed manner of optimizing the WordPress themes. Make use of these small lines of code and check the difference in the WordPress themes which you use.


How to Shorten Excerpts Word Count Link?

Do you have many posts and huge text before the more tag? If it is so, it is hard for you to do changes manually. To attain this, here we give you the WordPress function which is known as filter hook. If you include this in your theme, then it parses and make changes to the data before it is visible on the page.

Enhance Functionality with Favicon:

Inserting a copy code will be useful to enhance the functionality without disturbing the header.php. You just need to make changes to the wp_head hook which is a function that triggers the required action at some particular points. These action hooks are useful to save time and also to optimize the themes which you are using. Execution at certain points will be done with ease every time a page gets loaded in the browser.

How to Detect Safari on iOS Link:

If you want your website or WordPress powered webpage serve as the mobile version. Then you can make use of this simple method to make your website responsive.

Nowadays, websites serve mobile versions using different techniques. WordPress offers a safe way to check for the mobile Safari browser so that you know when a visitor is using an iPhone or iPad. Here WordPress uses a variable and as well a function which are useful to let the WordPress know which style sheet to output when a person open the website in their mobile.

Which Elements to Remove from Header Link:

It is a known fact that the wordpress header section there are many elements namely the RSD link, generator meta tag and as well the wlwmanifest link. If you do not want the functionality of these tags, then you can introduce few lines of codes and then remove the headers so that no one known which WordPress version you are using and many other things. One can remove all the elements safely irrespective of the version they are using when not needed.

How to Get Feeds to Feed Burner Link?

Every person wants to know about their subscribers. Here one should make use of the Feed burner to achieve this purpose. So this can be attained with a small code where you will be redirecting the feeds to the link which ever you need. For this you need to replace the URL of your feed from the FeedBurner.

Attract Customers with Featured Images of Feed Link:

Gone are the days where people used to entertain just the content with your RSS feed. Now they want the most engaging and the attractive images as well. But we all know that WordPress is not going to allow the featured images in the RSS. As you use the code then you can even show the images in the feed link and can even use HTML.

How to Enhance RSS Subscribers?

There will be chance to attract more users to subscribe to your RSS feed only when we are able to give them some extra information.  This can be done by introducing code that helps you to wrap the data which you want to hide from the general visitors. However, the subscribers will be able to read the content which you have hided earlier.

Display your Own Links To Share On Social Networks

Everyone would like when our posts gets viral or shared on all social media channels. But we don’t want to share our standard profile links here and here you will come to know that there is a chance to add links to serve the same purpose.

We will add function to create our own links and noteworthy factor is that we are not going to overwrite the code. The filter which we use here will get the content of the link and concatenate it to every social networking link which we want our visitors to share.

How to Add your Own Logo To The Log-In Page

If you want to add the logo in the administrators page, then you have to change the logo and as well the concerned link which it points. The login_headaction hook when attached to the head element of the log-in page, it executes all the functions and give you’re the required result.

The existing WordPress logo will be replaced with yours once you use the CSS code and this is achieved by adjusting the path of the image.

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