Main Key Factors of PSD to WordPress Conversion

Backed by numerous advantages, the conversion of PSD to WordPress is justifiable. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used by millions of developers across the world. Being free and an open source is what make it unique plus a myriad of plugins and extensions. Keeping in mind all these factors there is an increase in the demand of PSD to WordPress conversion. Although, there are some key factors that should be kept in mind before going down that road.


Why there is a need of PSD to WordPress conversion?

As you can clearly see that WordPress is way ahead of others in terms of usage as more and more people and enterprises are using this platform and redefining their methodologies to include this platform in their business process. The WordPress is the most used CMS, no seconds thoughts to that. It is easy to use and maintain, therefore, there is a need of PSD to WordPress conversion services as it has become the primary goal of every enterprises and organizations to be more competent and to expand their reach to maximum people.

With the advancement in technology, there is a change in the scenario of web development as more and more people are turning to WordPress development services. This conversion is an important part of web development services as it provides an excellent opportunity to make a better online presence. Because of diverse functionality and large extent, it is quite famous with both technical and non-technical users. If you are new to the online realm, then it is imperative to know the benefits of PSD to WordPress conversion.

Before creating a robust website, it is necessary to be familiar with the coding language like PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learning programming languages is a painstaking job, therefore, non-technical users find it difficult to work with the coding of websites and to pass this barrier, they choose an open source platform (WordPress) so that they can easily create websites without much effort.


PSD to WordPress conversion requires sheer knowledge of programming skills. In the starting, it takes quite some time and efforts but once done it looks much better than the previous version of your site.

Let us have a look at some of the steps that can enhance your site. Through this article, you will be familiar with some key factors of PSD to WordPress conversion.

  1. Minimize the conversion cost: Cost affects everything. There is no doubt that organizations are budget constraints, therefore, in everything they do, they try to keep the cost minimal. You invest a lot in making and running your website but converting it to other platforms will again call for some capital. WordPress is free and there is no hidden charges or subscription fees and is nominal for organizations.
  1. Search engine friendly: The main key factor of PSD to WordPress conversion is that your site should be cross-browser compatible. SEO is one of the core functionality of the site. If no one knows about it, then no matter how good or robust it is no one will ever come to know. Your site should be SEO-friendly so that Google crawlers can index your site, making users to easily find your site. At every stage, test the browser compatibility. When it comes to search engines, nothing can beat WordPress as it has plugins specific for SEO purpose and is easy to optimize on search engines making your site to be at the top.
  1. Slicing the PSD files: Browsers aren’t able to read PSD files, therefore, you need to convert to into a format which is understandable and can be viewed. Sometimes, there are some files whose size are huge, thereby, taking a considerable amount of time to load. Slicing the PSD files into different categories like menu, slider, footer, header etc is the ideal way of beginning the conversion.
  1. Page count: More the number of web pages is more the project costing would be, therefore, it is another crucial factor that determines the total cost of PSD to WordPress conversion. There might be a possibility that initially, you had lots of pages and when converting to WordPress you can cut down on unnecessary pages accordingly lowering the cost also making loading time faster. If you are not that much familiar with the technicalities of WordPress, then you can hire developers to do the conversion and can negotiate the price.
  1. Creating HTML and CSS files: After slicing the PSD files, the next is to create respective static HTML and CSS files. Many online software are available for creating Style.css and index.html files also, you can hire developers that can provide you with best results. Styles present in the style.css will be applied to various elements in the HTML files. You have to write code in XHTML AND HTML for creating respective files.
  1. Break HTML files into WordPress: converting PSD files to WordPress files requires the conversion of HTML files also into WordPress theme. All the files should be segregated into different WordPress folder like categoryname.php, archive.php. Slider.php, header.php etc. WordPress has a pre-defined set of files that combines all the files together all you have to do is just place all the files into one folder so that you could distribute the code into various WordPress files. Here is a list of some theme files:

– archive.php

– footer.php

– sidebar.php

– style.css

– 404.php

If you are not familiar with the PHP, then you might face some difficulty in creating the files. You can go through the tutorials available online or can hire developers to do the coding part for you.

  1. W3C validation: Before upgrading your existing website to WordPress ensure that the developer is well versed with the codes and that the developers stick to the W3C coding standards. A complaint code is delivered for well-structured web development and puts your site on par with the elite ones and also lets your check errors and bugs that can hinder the functionality of the site.

With each passing day, new technologies are evolving and so is the need to stay at top irrespective of which sphere you belong to. Everything is available online, hence, it is important to have a strong online presence. There is a rise in the demand for CMS for sites and so in the innovation of technologies. PSD to WordPress conversion is one such step for having a strong online presence.

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