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Finding its templates and its visual identity thanks to our market place.

Today, to create its website and gain visibility, it is important to develop its own visual identity and its own design, in the same way as the major brands on the market. To do this, you may need the following:

The logo: the logo is, often, the first element on which a visitor asks his eyes. Your design logo must therefore be striking and attractive, to make the visitor want to take an interest in your activity.

Business card: to let its borrow and stay in the mind of a potential customer, the business card is indispensable. Again, you need a good design to stand out.

The template: the template email is today an indispensable element of your emailing campaigns. It allows to establish its identity, but also to transmit information easily.

Everything you need, in the market place!

On our website, bruno-editions, we offer a market place that allows any freelance graphic designer to propose his creations and to put his talent at your disposal.

Via this place, you have the possibility to choose what you need (logo design, template, web vector, etc.), among all the services available. All you have to do is quickly buy what you need and quickly get your own visual identity, customizable and – above all – at a lower price.

Indeed, thanks to our site, find beautiful templates email available at only $10! Take advantage of these exceptional prices throughout the year, not to mention the regular promotions, highlighted on the market place!

Technical support is available in case of problems in order to best meet your needs.

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