10 Most Useful Google Plus Plugins for WordPress

With over as 500 MLN users, Google Plus is one of the best social network on the entire internet. This counter of course growing and you don’t want to miss this amazing platform to boost your site’s popularity.

Google Plus is used by many influential bloggers, meaning it can be a good place to share content you believe others will want to pass on to their communities. The network’s association with the Google search engine means content shared there should rank higher in Google results.

Below are 10 Google Plus plugins for your WordPress site that should improve engagement with members of the Google Plus community.

Google Author Link

The plugin allows you to manage your Google Authorship links from your WordPress site. It also supports multiple WordPress site Authors so each of your page’s writers can maintain their Google Authorship links.

When your posts are linked to your Google Authorship account, your profile picture will appear in search results with your articles.

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Widgets+ allows you to add a simple Google Plus badge to your site. There are very few steps to get your badge.

Simply go to the Widgets+ homepage and click ‘Design.’ Enter your Google Plus ID and choose a few variables: Width, background and border colors, border radius and font. You can also choose the look and feel of an Add to Circles button, a +1 button, and recent posts to your Google Plus feed.

Once you’re finished with that, click a button to generate a code and place that code in your WordPress site.


The Google Plus Plugin from WPMU DEV

This premium plugin allows you to post directly from Google Plus to your WordPress site. According to the plugin website, you can also add a +1 button to your posts so your site visitors can add you or your business to their Google Plus Circles.

With this plugin, you can also choose the size and position of the +1 button you add to your posts. You can also opt to show or hide the number of pluses your posts get as well as track that activity through Google Analytics.

This is a premium plugin. A single plugin from WPMU DEV costs $19.


Google Plus Interactive Posts

Interactive Posts is a WordPress plugin that embeds a “call to action” button onto your posts.

The “call to action” with this plugin directs your site’s visitors to check out your Google Plus page and view more of your content. This is supposed to encourage more of your readers to add your Google Plus pages to their Circles.

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Google Plus Blog for WordPress

The main feature of this plugin from Minimalise is to allow you to post to your WordPress site directly from Google Plus. That feature works for multiple authors from their own Google Plus feeds to your site.

You can also add the engagement your posts get on Google Plus directly to your WordPress site. That way, viewers to your WordPress site can see how interactive your Google Plus readers already are and join in the discussion. Images from your Google Plus page with each post can also be included, Minimalise notes.

This is a premium plugin with a cost of $10. A free version is available, too, but it includes a blurb with a link back to the Google Plus Blog page at Minimalise.


Google Maps

Here’s another plugin from WPMU DEV. As the implies, this plugin is designed to let you add Google Maps to your WordPress site.

But instead of having to do a lot of coding to make that happen, this plugin says it allows you to just drop maps onto your site using a custom widget.

The developer says there are also advanced settings you can use to customize a map for your site. As you might expect, this is a custom widget and will cost you $19 to add to your WordPress site.


Comments Evolved for WordPress

You’re likely to get a lot more interaction on your WordPress posts if you make it as easy as possible for readers to do so. This plugin attempts to do just that.

Readers of your WordPress sites will be able to leave comments on your posts and pages with any number of their social media accounts, including Google Plus. The conversation appearing below your post is tabbed. Each social media stream you add appears as its own stream.

The plugin allows you to choose which streams will appear to your readers. You can keep or block the native WordPress comment stream, too.

A word of advice: There do appear to be some issues involving compatibility with other plugins and some themes. These potential conflicts are addressed by the developer on the plugin’s website

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Store Pickup Google Maps for Woocommerce (WordPress)

Store Pickup is a Woocommerce Extension. The built-in Local Pickup allows your customers to come to you to pick up their purchased products. Store Pickup enhances this functionality by allowing you to define one or more pickup locations, and for your customer to select the nearest store for pickup during checkout by searching from Google map.

The selected pickup location is displayed to your customer on the frontend: in the Account View Order page, and in the order emails; and is displayed for you in the order admin. That way your customer knows exactly where to go to pick up their product and the available nearest stores along with store operating hours and stores contact information, and you know where to expect them.

This is a premium plugin and will cost you $22 at CodeCanyon.

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New Google Plus Badge Widget

This plugin displays the latest Google Plus badge on your website. The new version features a photo tile mosaic, your profile picture, name and a button to make it easier for readers to follow you on the social network.

The photo mosaic displays above your profile photo, which is held in a small circle in the middle of the badge.

Customizations available for this badge plugin include adjusting its width and color scheme, either light or dark. You can also adjust whether the badge appears in a landscape or portrait format.

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Integrate Google Products in WordPress

All Google products in one plugin, so you can choice what you would like to add to your WordPress site.

Current modules included in the plugin cover Google+, Google Analytics, Google Authenticator, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Fonts, Google Groups, Google Hangouts, Google Panoramio, Google Translate, and YouTube. Each module offers several settings. There’s quite a bit of customization available here.

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