NEX-Forms – The Ultimate WordPress Form Builder

NEX-Forms is the ULTIMATE Form Builder that will allow you to effortlessly create astonishing web forms that will encourage your users to connect with you instead of running away at the thought of completing a form!

Build awesome forms in seconds using this advanced user friendly form creator! Includes some amazing technology and easy to use features!

Once you install & activate this plugin you get the option to manage this plugin on your WordPress dashboard by the name NEX-Forms Express.

NEX-Forms Express provides you really easy to use drag and drop form creator with changeable parameters for each element.

PRO Version: $30 / LITE Version: Free

Download Free Version Download PRO Version

nex-index-2When you drag any element to make it a part of your form, you get the option pan in the right side to customize the look and feel of that element.

You can change the text associated with any form element, you can change the color, you can bring in star rating feature to your form and lots more.

nex-2-2You have the option to preview your form while creating it, just click on the preview button and you will get your form on lightbox. The way forms opens will give you the hint about how awesome this plugin is.

All the forms created with this plugin and 100 percent responsive, you can use the device icons to check how your form will look on respective device.

nex-3-2Auto-responder Email: You have the built in option to send out auto-responder email to user who uses your form to send in messages.

You can setup the email parameters as per your requirement.

nex-4-2This is not a simple contact form plugin, it provides you tons of options to choose from, which makes it useful for any purpose you be it just a contact page from or to receive blog posts from users.

There is also a sidebar Widget which you can use to show any form or any element you created with NEX-Forms Express plugin.

Download Free Version Download PRO Version

Some info via: IndexWP

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