OneEngine (1.0.1): Releases Its New Version on September 6th, 2014

OneEngine is a free WordPress One Page theme from EngineThemes. It is very professional and flexible theme to handle all your needs without paying a penny. Today this theme was updated with some bugs fixed and added some improvements.

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Since OneEngine’s released, we’ve received quite a lot of attention from our community. We’re really happy that our product can help you somehow and thankful for all the support.

During the past couple days, maybe many of you have noticed the disappearance of OneEngine. The reason is that we’ve been updating it with a few bug fixes. At the moment, OneEngine v1.0.1 is released. Although there’s no major changes in this latest version, most of the annoying bugs are now gone. We hope this new version could help your site run more smoothly.

Some Bugs Fixed

  • Fix responsive issue on mobile.
  • Fix external links on Header Menu.
  • Fix portfolio image’s size.


The devolopers of EngineThemes comes out with an idea to make a premium version of OneEngine. In their first thought, this version will support more modules, the code will be optimized even more and it’ll surely run faster. They are excited about this idea, however, they want to hear your feedback first. Send all your options to them if you like this idea.

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