Plugin to Integrate Google’s Products in WordPress

Google offers a lot of different services and it makes sense that you might want or need to integrate some of them into your WordPress site. If you find this is the case, the SZ-Google for WordPress plugin might be right up your alley. It makes integrated Google+ widgets especially simple. The developers promise to update it to support additional Google products as they’re released as well.

Current modules included in the plugin cover Google+, Google Analytics, Google Authenticator, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Fonts, Google Groups, Google Hangouts, Google Panoramio, Google Translate, and YouTube. Each module offers several settings. There’s quite a bit of customization available here.

Download From

Some of plugin’s screenshots:

SZ-Google and administration panel

Sz-Google-screenshot-1SZ-Google and module Google+

Sz-Google-screenshot-2SZ-Google and module Google+ Example

Sz-Google-screenshot-3SZ-Google and module Youtube

Sz-Google-screenshot-4SZ-Google and documentation

Sz-Google-screenshot-5SZ-Google and module Google Drive

Sz-Google-screenshot-6SZ-Google and module Panoramio

Sz-Google-screenshot-7 Download From

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