QAEngine (1.0) Review: A Question & Answer WordPress Theme

Do you search an interactive and modern Question & Answer WordPress theme? If you search by google, you will not get a lot of results in this kind of business. For your attention here are the QAEngine by EngineThemes, which can be your answer to so many online searches. QAEngine is a really neat WordPress theme for a great knowledge sharing experience.

The new QAEngine theme will help you to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional question-and-answer site and help you build an active and effective community.

Price: $59

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Intro page

The Intro page is one of the most attractive part of the theme, you can lock your site for non login users who will see this intro page. The intro page will have sign in and sign up option for new users to make it easy for them to participate in the community.

qaengine_Intro-2Let’s go through some details of QAEngine.

A modern question and answer site with great UX improvements!

Visiting your QnA site, users can sign up and start posting their questions right away, which will be answered by the others. Once the questioners find out the best answer for their cases, they can mark it as “The accepted answer”.

Users also have other rights besides posting questions & answers. They can actively contribute to the community by voting up, voting down, discussing or sharing the available content.

qaengine-01_IndexTaking advantage of a full width layout, your QnA site now has a lot of spaces to display the most important thing to your users: content. It means no more worries about the outdated look & feel and at the same time making sure your users enjoy surfing the site no matter what their actions are: reading, posting, discussing…

Point and Badge system

Extending the user engagement, QAEngine theme comes with an extensive point & badge system. With specific actions, users can gain or lose some points, and when reaching enough points, they have more privileges and get a badge representing their roles.

The site admin can configure all these points, badges & privilege settings in the theme back end.

qaengine-points-badgesSimply to Ask a Question

In QAEngine is very simply to ask a question, just push the blue button “Ask Question” and lightbox popup comes with the form, where you are asking in some details and the message immediately appear in the list. Your question you or other members can share in the social media or just write a comment.


QAEngine is rich in Statistics

Whole QAEngine directory is full of statistics, which makes the site more attractive for participants. You can see how much views your question becomes, how much answers and people can voting for your question as well. Main statistic by the right corner shows how much questions and members in total.

Beautiful in all Screen Sizes

qaengine-mobileAs well as other products from EngineThemes, QAEngine comes with a out-of-the-box mobile design dedicated for small screens. With the larger ones, your site will automatically use the responsive desktop version instead. This makes sure your site appear beautifully no matter which devices your users use.

QAEngine demonstrates the Power of Simplicity

With QAEngine’s content-focused design, even a hardly-using-technology user can access the site easily. From the sign-up page to the main page, everything’s absolutely simple.

User Profile Page

QAEngine theme comes with beautiful user profile page, when you login to the question and answer site, click on your profile icon and select profile page to visit the detailed profile page.

In this page you will find the details of your activity on the site, the total points you have earned, the number of questions and answers etc.

qaengine-User-Profile-pageHow Much Cost?

The full package of the most amazing Q & A WordPress theme you will get just for $59 and i think this is a perfect price to own this kind of business, never becomes something similar.

If you go for QAEngine theme installation & configuration package you will have to pay $19 extra.


If you will ask my oppinion about QAEngine, i can say, that i like everything what EngineThemes makes with this project. Its layout is very clean, light and not overcrowded. The points and badges system makes the website more attractive and perfect for user engagement to create a great community site.

Demo Info/Download

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This theme is absolutlly perfect and we give a 5 stars for everything. We are fully recommend to purchaseand make your business more interesting with QAEgnine!

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