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Rankie – WordPress rank tracker is a wordpress rank checker that help you track wordpress rankings on google keeping a close eye on each keyword position. WordPress rankie as a wordpress rank tracker plugin will update keywords rank position daily and generate powerfull reports. It also incorporate a powerfull research tool that generates valuable keyword lists Googlers are already using to search.

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Key Features of WordPress Rank Tracker

  1. Track WordPress ranking on Google – Rankie can track unlimited number of keywords rankings on Google and keep updating these ranks daily as it works as a WordPress SERP plugin.
  2. Generate ranking reposrts – Rankie can generate ranking reports per month , per year or by all time letting you know how ranking is going up or down with details on every single position change for each tracked keywords. As a wordpress rank reporter It also allow these reports to be downloaded as PDF.
  3. Keyword research tool – Rankie not only a wordpress serp tracker plugin but also integrates a powerfull keyword research tool that generates huge lists of valuable keywords you can target. These keywords are generated by catching google suggestions for your specified keyword appending all language charachters one by one to the main keyword . As example if you want keywords about “weight loss” the plugin will search Google for “weight loss” returning 10 results for this term suggestions then “weight loss a” returning another 10 results then “weight loss b” returning another 10 … etc till it searchs “weight loss z” . all results returned will be listed for you to check or select and show as a list to copy/paste.
  4. Auto track searched keywords – If someone visited your wordpress via a Google search and Google provided us by the keyword the visitor searched then the plugin can add this keyword to the dashboard for tracking.
  5. Four different methods – The wordpress rank tracker provide 4 different methods to choose from for site locating postion on Google for keywords.
  6. Ranking grap for each keyword – Plugin records unique ranking records and generate a ranking graph for each keyword being tracked.
  7. Easy filtering – The wordpress rank tracker plugin allow Keywords tracked to be instantly filtered by site,group or search term.
  8. Proxy support – As a wordpress google rank plugin Rankie can use proxies when accessing Google for search.
  9. Detailed action log – The wordpress rank checker store every single action done by the plugin.
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