Rise Above The Clichéd Web Design

I have seen a lot of changes since past two decades in the way people design their website. A lot has changed since . Lets see at a glance:

1990 (Early) – Sites were based on text
1990 (Mid) – Text based websites and on page builders
1990 (Late) – Flash came into picture
2000 – CSS engulfs the web
2000 (Early and Mid) – Rise of the JavaScript
2000 (Mid) – The semantic web
2000 (Late) – web 2.0
Now – Mobile technology takes over the web

As per Google Web 3.0 is defines as: “Web 3.0, is a phrase given by John Markoff working at the New York Times in 2006, refers to a supposed third generation of Internet-based services that collectively comprise what might be called ‘the intelligent Web”.

With such an advancement in the technology the design pattern also changed and the change is a must needed one as you need to match the pace with the current technology and render ‘intelligent design’ so as to cater the ‘intelligent web’.


To rise above the clichéd web designing process, you can read the following discussion:

Refresh the audience

Your web design is the one medium which carries the message of change very directly. Thus, how can design be similar when the technologies keep on changing so much. You need to render a refreshing look to your visitors in order to make them feel the change. In order to reincarnate your web design you can go for new colors or even scoop out unnecessary elements.

Each project is not just another project, but is a portfolio which you are creating for them a new piece of art which outshines your credibility as a designer. No matter whether you are doing it for a friend or a big shot client, your aim should be to deliver your best which will in turn boost your caliber as a designer.

Storytelling is must

Let us suppose that I say –

“Achieve fairer skin in just 14 days” , out of 10 only 2 people will get motivated who are surely so much self motivated to get a fairer skin tone. But what about those who need a trigger.

How will you trigger a need?

“Rachel has a very bad skin tone, no one liked her, she never had a boyfriend just because of her skin tone,,, ( this will gain empathy of several you are going through the similar problem) but .. after using Fairy – Alovera rich skin toning face cream, she became the Miss Fresher of the college” (You are emerging as a saviour her)

Now everyone is approaching her …

Rachel: Thanks to Fairy… you changed my life… well my life has changed what about you? (People can now find themselves in lace of Rachel).

This might be appearing quite silly as this is very common, but this is what a trigger is…

Story telling is a great part of web designing nowadays, as they have a very deep cognitive impact on the audience.


It’s not just that you need to use words in order to tell stories, rather you can use visuals , pictures, audios and videos to share your success saga or happiness you have spread with people. If you are making an eCommerce website, you certainly need a very free flowing designing and highly engaging stuff to catch the fancy of your users. Your story must back your work and must create an imposing impression the users, which compels them to also want your product.

Now, after generating a need you need to give them complete information about the project and this can be done only by giving them all the necessary requirements about a product or a service which you are selling.

Carve an imposing impact

Your website is certainly a platform where you can showcase your skills, but this doesn’t mean that you will obfuscate it with every minutest detail which you deem to be important. There might be certain things which are related to your heart , obviously because you have made that thing yourself. But this does not mean that it has to have a great impact on the audience.

You do not have to include everything rather you need to find out the most incredible work and high light them. Do not showcase all of your work rather pick out the best ones to show that you do quality work.

However, if you think that all of your work are important, then go ahead an fill the screen with all of them. Thought this might appear to be a bit rhetoric, but when users will encounter their authenticity they will be certainly excited.

Bare Bones!

With so much advancement in the web development world and with the advent of Mobile web we need to push the envelope in order to gain a strong footing in this highly competitive world. Mobile application are certainly the need of todays world and with them we need to adopt the minimalistic web design. This is what our current need is to prune out unnecessary and focus on the one which can yield results. I hope the blog written above proves to be helpful. Please share queries and suggestions in the comment section given below.

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