Social Media Marketing Tips and Trends

All you have to do is look at the facts and you will see that the social networks have been able to pick up about a billion users just in the last five years alone. Over a third of the population of the world is now easily accessible through social media, and companies have moved from being skeptical about using social media marketing, to actively investing in it.

In this world dominated by social media, marketing is heavily reliant upon technology that remains focused on people. The trends this year will help the marketers reach and then engage with their audience on a level that is more personal, above and beyond the social media noise. Companies all also be able to target niche communities with increasing support from different software solutions.

Tips And Trends

This is a list of the latest tips and trends for social media marketers we compiled with our friends at Vibbi that could be used now:

  • Investing In Visual Marketing

There are numerous social network outlets that have put out their own versions of live streams. There is Periscope with Twitter, Live with Facebook, and other networks like DubSmash and Blab also supporting the sharing of live videos. A live feed is quickly becoming the popular, in-thing. Even the updates during the latest U.S. Presidential election were put out by Twitter and BuzzFeed.

Live video platforms can be used to engage the audience with experiences that are near tangible. If you do not have a strategy for Facebook Live, this is the time to get one. Social feeds are getting crowded and the viewer attention span is getting shorter as time goes on. You will need powerful graphics to grab your audience. Over the last five years, the market for graphic design software has grown, giving marketers a number of options that they can choose from. Graphics can easily be put together using a drag and drop editor so that you can simplify the content creation process.

  • The Priority Of Personalization

Social media users today are faced with all sorts of commercial content and ads on all fronts. Information comes in from multiple sources, which means that breaking through this barrier is a difficult task for marketers and brands. Personalization can help the marketers break through all of the chaos to reach only those viewers that matter. The tracking of consumer behaviors on the different social media platforms and then targeting them based on viewer interests will be a crucial part to marketing. Some of the different tools and apps that are available are already bringing out more features that support targeting and there will be even more in the time to come. You have the ability to target them simply y posting content that they will relate to, or using data that is pulled from tools.

  • The Popularity Of Brand Advocacy

Ad saturation has been pushing brands to seek alternative ways to reach target markets. Investing in what is known as advocate marketing has shown a major increase over time recently. The different micro-influencers could be crucial to boosting your brand’s reach on the social media platform, simply because they are much more credible and influential than the brand.

Customers, employees and also social fans are part of the micro-influencers that the brands are activating. There are a number of case studies and great employee advocacy guides that you can look to for inspiration for building up the brand advocate outreach. You can also use the advocacy platform for building up and running your brand advocacy program.

  • Expansion Of Native Content Promotion

Content marketing’s gateway drug is native advertising. Any modern audience is savvy when it comes to commercial ploys, meaning that traditional advertising by itself may not be a good branding option for your company. Native ads will help to boost awareness without disrupting the activities of the users. Content that is put out in this way can help you to connect better with your audience without being overly pushy. Native ads are slated to grow to around $21 billion by the year 2018.

These are all interesting ways that you can have your content organically shared via social media. By using on of these solutions, you will be able to earn much needed traction to get results.

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