Tectonic Shift In The Fields Of Web Design Is Here To Shake You

Caveat! Following the web design trends blindly will end you up in making something that is quite similar to what is existing.

This certainly does not imply that we need to go beyond the trends to carve a niche design. You need to travel and extra-mile in order to stick to the contemporary rules and yet to stand out among the masses.

In this blog we will discuss trends and how you can incorporate them to deliver excellent and intuitive web designs that do not only have the capacity to lure traffic swarm but to retain them and compel them to return.

Parallax design


We know that a lot is being said about folds in a website and web designers prefer to keep all the essential elements above the fold. However, this is not what it seems to be, as now is the time when everyone is designing for long scrolls. This is one of the best technique to incorporate storytelling feature in your website and further you can create a single page version of the multi-page website by breaking a single page into sections.

HD images

It is tested that a human can retain an image or visual more that he hears; this is the reason what HD hero images have become one sure shot method to grab the attention to the visitors.

Moreover, this is a myth that they using HD images lowers down the loading time of your website, as we know have compression techniques for data and bandwidth that do not make your load times slower. Another most useful finding in hero images is you will get card based arrangement or will have zig-zagging sections.

Animations Rich Designs


One of the most trending thing in the web design world is the use of animation. We no longer are in those days when we use those platonic images on the websites. This is because they tend to create a more indelible imprint on users. Moreover, it plays a very crucial role in fortifying another big trend that is storytelling. Which helps in enhancing the user experience by making it more intrusive.

Though using animations is a trend this doesn’t give you the leverage to apply it in every cranny of a website. Make sure you add them in a subtle way that takes your story ahead.

While designing you can also bifurcate animations into two categories:

Some of the interaction tools are considered as primary tools for interaction, and they are deem to have a more impact on the users. These effects are elements such as pop-up notifications, and parallax scrolling is one of the biggest trends in the development world.

Moreover, elements such as loading bars, spinners and hover tools do not seem to require users input.

Use flat design but Split it

Though the flat or Material design has become the vogue in 2105 and will continue to be as Google itself has given guidelines to make use material design that might end up designers in building websites that will look somewhat similar to one another.


So what else can you incorporate in order to make your design look similar yet entirely different?

You can go for the vertical divide that gives split screen layout.If you are online apparel store, then you can split your screen into two parts one saying Venus for Ladies and another expanse should be for men who are from Mars. Or perhaps if you do not have two different categories then you can simply put pictures on one end and the description part on the another. If you own a pub, night club or resort, then you can put the write text part on one side of the split screen and use the other to showcase the images.

The not so messy look

With our generation going towards a more spooky and smoky looks our web designs are now going more decent and cleaner look. Now web designers are trying to deliver websites that look very clean, and this is certainly because mobile devices are capturing the market, wherefore making responsive web design a standard design for web development.

This has now resulted in removing all the non-essential items from the web design that render quite a simple, yet effective design elements.

Professional and high-quality images

Photography has emerged as one of the trendiest thing in the web design trends. Web designers now prefer to incorporate large professionally clicked images on their websites. Though stock imagery is still popular among web designers, now the designer is more inclined towards professional HD photography that renders unique look to your website and is tailor-made for the purpose. Custom photography helps you to distinguish your website from that in the stock imagery, and this will help you to stand out in the competition.

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