The List of Web Design Trends to Expect in 2014

Thanks for visiting my blog, where everything is focused about web design. I was watched some big and small websites who are doing web designs and i listen to their opinion and expectations what’s new is in web designing for the next 7 months and how looks the future.

As i see a lot of new web designs for example from “Theme Forest” or other market places, is really difficult to expect how the designing of websites goes in the nearest future and how everything looks in the next 10 years, becouse just now is everything cool and modern, but we have the rule, that what is now modern in some years is vestige.

So, i decide to focus on web desiging trends for the next half year and what we will see on the platform. Let’s get started, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

1. The flat design are flourish

Flat is a mix of fun and smooth colors, combined with complete and total simplicity, which brings websites and web applications to life. The reason why everybody is using flat design is because it makes sense. We have less clutter, more use of white space and overall a better user experience. It forces designers to achieve more by using less and for that, I consider it the number one trend for 2014.

flat-design-2Apple was a pioneers when latest iOS7 came the design aesthetic most commonly known as “flat design”. Microsoft has been developing Metro UI for a fairly long time now.

We do believe that flat is going to just keep growing, and will manage to be among the top web design trends this year.

2. Responsive design you should not to miss it

Can say, that every designer must to look forward and knows, that a lot of people use different devices from phones to a huge screens and responsiveness is very important for web. Strictly speaking, it should be the standard – as there is no any other alternative to making websites mobile device friendly. The reasoning is simple: demand.

responsive_designSince smartphones and tablets are selling like hotcakes there is huge marketing potential.

3. Minimalism and Simplicity

Compact and clean websites with simple color schemes (it is advisable to use not more as 2 colors), designers will turn the focus on content and idealism, which must be well organized with minimum of web elements, but rich in quality.

minimalist_web_designsStraight to the point web design is going to be the future, people will not spend more than a minute to find something that has been hidden behind the garbage cans. Simpler content will dominate 2014 and beyond as we design our websites.

4. The infinitely scrolling webpage

This one is a testament to our increasingly content-hungry culture. Why make your visitors click “Next” for more blog posts when, like WordPress, Tumblr and other platforms, you can offer publishers a setting to auto-load the next set of posts when the reader gets to the bottom of the first batch? While this isn’t always the best design decision, it’s undoubtedly something we’ll see more in 2014.

Several years ago, it was common to have long scrolling sites that where slammed with content. Well, now we are seeing long scrolling websites but the content is more organized and in a much easier format to digest.

5. Fixed Navigation gets a lot of likes

fixed-navigation In 2014, navigation bars will be available at all times! So, if you’re dealing with a content heavy website, then a fixed position sidebar or top menu will be the logical approach.

6. Mega Navigation Manu

I have noticed a small yet growing trend of mega navigation menus which expand to hold large blocks of content and links.

mega-menu-2These are most common on websites that publish lots of unique content in high volumes. Online magazines or web forums immediately come to mind. It does take up a bit of space on the page, but it also gives readers a broader choice to navigate your site.

7. Video Content in place of text

video-content-3Why read about it when you can watch it? Something else you will start seeing all over the Web  are videos. Because video content is becoming easier (&cheaper) to produce, we’re going to see a lot more of it, especially when it comes to introducing a business (or yourself) to the world. This also goes for stuff like video backgrounds and other ideas.

8. Better and Bigger Images

At these days the quality of all media is much more higher as some decades in the past. The fiber-optic internet speed allow us to add huge files without obstruction of the website’s speed. Especially the huge pics looks great in high-resolution screens like Apple’s retina displays. Low-quality, smaller images will look even cheaper and less professional as 2014 gets rolling.

9. Typography in the limelight

Fonts have evolved in the past couple of years, and with services like Google Fonts offering hundreds of fonts to choose from at no cost, there is definitely a trend setting for designers to use more personal and brandable fonts to get their message across.

10. Compact Sidebars

Gone are the days for the need to display a sidebar on every single page. Now, we are able to focus more on the full-width content of pages and have widgets like sidebars scroll-out from the side of the page when needed.

It wouldn’t be possible without some JavaScript, or jQuery – but even then, it’s quite simple to implement and it gives you more website space to work with.

11. Infographics appear the best way to represent data

infographics-2If you need to showcase loads of information in very limited space, the infographics is the best way to do that. They’re eye-catching and they don’t cost the world. That’s why business owners are asking for them. The end-user likes infographics because each of them has its own personality – they’re a bit quirky, they combine typography, bold color schemes and shapes in a way that intrigues viewers. It will definitely be used more and more in 2014.

12. Parallax websites climbs to the popularity

parallax-scrolling-2It’s all about the impact and making a BIG statement. Parallax design achieves that successfully with its scrolling mischief, powerful imagery, and strong and creative typography. Parallax has been evolving, and will continue to do so in 2014.

13. Sharp focus on mobile

mobile_internet_usage-2Now that responsive Web design is becoming more common place, we are starting to see websites dig deeper into our mobile lifestyles. Designers are increasingly working on keeping their sites functioning on mobile devices, but developers are taking it a step further to help along with the fact that so many more devices are accessing the Web, and so many more users are using their phones to browse the Web.

In Conclusion

There are undoubtedly other trends ahead in 2014, but these are the top of web design concepts we expect you’ll see a whole lot of in this year and hopefully we can use some more rich ideas released in the future.

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