The New Twitter Design, Header Dimensions + Some Templates

As most of you may already know, the Twitter made amazing and huge improvements to their design. The whole personal profile layout is changed 100% and in the first sight i was not wondered about this changes, but after some days of checking i start to love the bigger dimensions, which are going perfectly to the high resolution screens like apple’s retina display.

The next part after the changes was released, need to make this page as much as possible attractive for you and your visitors. So make sure to have a fabulous design and have the right dimensions to create the perfect header photo. Here’s how mine looks like (click the image for the live preview):

twitter-profile-2Recommended Dimensions

Twitter’s recommended dimensions for header photo is 1500px in width x 500px (or 421px) in height.

How to Change Your Header

  1. Go to edit profile.
  2. Click the “Change Header” button , then click “Upload Photo“.
  3. Hit “Save Changes” button. Done!

Larger Twitter Profile Picture Size

Your Twitter profile picture size has increased as well. Twitter suggests uploading 400 pixels square. You can’t go wrong with bigger, for better photo clarity.

Larger Tweets and Pinned Tweets

The font size for tweets has been enlarged, and tweets that are getting more engagement are larger yet! Note the difference in font sizes seen below.

Pinning a tweet, like a pinned post on a Facebook Page, is a nice new feature. Simply click on the elipsis (…) under the tweet and choose “Pin to your profile page“.

pin-to-your-profile-page-2Now it will stay at the top of the tweet stream on your profile page. Pin a tweet with a valuable call-to-action for new visitors to your page!

pinned-tweet-2How Twitter Backgrounds Work in the New Design

It’s interesting that you’ll see your former background image on your Home feed (shown below), Notifications, and Discover page.  You can change this background in the Settings at upper right (gear icon), same as before. But your profile page does not have a background adjustment – it’s a pale gray (see top image).

When Will I Get the 2014 New Twitter Design and Header?

The new Twitter design will be rolling out to current Twitter users. New accounts will get it by default. When it’s ready for your profile, you’ll see a banner atop your profile page inviting you to preview it. Twitter will pull in your current background (if you set one) as the new header image.

After previewing, you can choose “Not now” to revert back to the old layout. Or click “Turn it on” if you like it! If you don’t have a header image ready, or hadn’t previously set a background image, you’ll see a solid bar of the default theme color.

Best New Twitter Header Images 2014 Edition

1. Singapore during New Year

1. Singapore during New Year
1. Singapore during New Year

Singapore-New-Years-1500x5002. New York

New-york-1500x5003. Myalup Beach

myalup-beach-march-20134. Murica!


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