The Power of HTML5 in Web and Mobile World

In order to keep your clients and potential customers focused on your products and services, it is vital to make the information easily and quickly accessible from anywhere and at anytime.

In this mobile era, there are several technologies available out there that support the development of outstanding mobile solutions. It is up to you to choose a suitable one and get the requisite job accomplished. While there are many ways to accomplish the task, you must choose a technology that can help you get it done in the most accurate manner.


HTML5 offers an amazing platform to share the content with the end users irrespective of their devices. Yes! You can target both desktop and mobile audience with a flair via the HTML5 powered solutions.

HTML5 –¬†An Introduction

HTML5 is an iteration of HTML and capable of addressing advanced expectations and requirements of websites. It is capable of handling semantic markup. This amazing platform is considered as a much sought after choice for developing solutions for mobile and desktop devices alike. It is laden with several new technologies that make it a superior language.

The high end technologies allow developers to proficiently develop dynamic 3D UI, render 3D eyeballs, manipulate the webcam of users, and various other useful features. All these available features are not purely HTML5 based, but are accessible when HTML5 is used along with other technologies. You can conveniently make your content more meaningful and expose the intent of the content with this marvelous language.


Moreover, the worthwhile flexibility, that it offers to users for integrating scripts, developing apps and designing UI, makes it a successful markup language.

Let’s ponder into a few compelling reasons that add to the credibility of HTML5.

  • It is not expensive and is faster

The best thing about the HTML5 is that it revs up the development process, and makes it quite effective and efficient. Developers can target on the new-age browsers without getting themselves restricted by the older versions (while ensuring a graceful content degradation to make the content compatible with older browsers as well). It, thus, helps developers focus on developing good looking apps with appealing functionalities by implementing the latest tools. This certainly makes the complete development process fast and inexpensive.

  • Amazingly supports audio and video files

With HTML5, you don’t need to think of any other third party media players or Flash players. It beautifully makes the audio and video files easily accessible. One just needs to appropriately use the <video> and <audio> tags in the HTML5 code to support a requisite media file.

Unlike the way developers used to embed media files in their code, HTML5 streamlines the process and made it much easier. You won’t need to produce complicated huge code chunks with a list of parameters in order to get smoothly running files.

HTML5 easily handles media files via simple audio and video tags. It basically considers them as images. And, you can also define the other parameters like width, height, etc., just like you define other HTML elements. Moreover, to make the files compatible with older versions of the browsers, you will need to write a little more code. Don’t get jittery, it won’t be as messy and complicated as the object and the embedded tags.

  • Makes application development an easy pie

For deploying the applications on different application stores, including the Google Play Store (for Android apps), the Apple App Store (for iOS apps), and more, it demands extensive codes and scripts. Moreover, the development process is not as simple as that for HTML5 applications. The HTML5 streamlines the development in a superb way and make the process much simpler. You don’t need to install bulky apps for it, only a few parts are required and that can be conveniently installed via some open source JavaScript tools. As soon as your application will get popular on the application stores, you can drive a great revenue from the app. However, to release the native applications, one need to adhere to the specific terms and conditions.


  • You can easily seek an adroit HTML5 developer

To develop any type of application, a team of adept developers and designers is paramount, and so is it in the case of HTML5 development. Since, it is known as one of the most popular and proficient tools among the developer community, you can easily find a suitable developer for your mobile development project. There are innumerable HTML5 professionals available out there who can leverage HTML5 application development. Moreover, it offers a great way to drive hefty profits from apps while making only a little investment.

  • It will surely hold the reins in the Future; it would be wise to get with it

If you don’t want to get left behind, it is advisable to start using HTML5. There are already several companies out there that are leveraging this technology and have suitable HTML5 apps. This is an easy language which possesses a simple learning curve. If you are already aware of HTML and XHTML, you will be able to conveniently get your hands on HTML5.

Final Words

There are several benefits of this prolific markup language. The aforementioned are just of a few of them. This certainly proves that HTML5 is a powerful language that makes a commendable choice for developers, whether they want to target mobile users or desktop users. You can write semantically-rich, clean and legible code with this language and integrate several fun features in your application to make it stand out in the pool of apps.

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